77 Minutes


For 77 min they waited to go inside
For 77 mins they waited to save their lives
Were their lives not that important?
Or was it just another tragedy and misfortune
‘Cause of the mishaps of police
Another 1000 years of mourning
‘Cause peace makers aint keep the peace
‘Cause it wasn’t your lives that was in danger?
The unarmed is killed in seconds
Active shooter killed hours later?
No hatred towards the police
Just hatred towards their decisions
A principal may have survived
But our principles are no longer living
I’m livid!
Thought Dear America grabbed your attention
Too many voices stating opinions
Nobody to sit and listen
Are we finished?
I’m talking about humanity as a race
For 77 minutes our heroes just stood in place?
No way!
And left children to a darkened fate
And left parents hearts filled with hate
Those are feelings they can’t escape
How many more do we have to make?
How many souls get snatched away
Before making America great…again?
Or was it ever?
Or was it all just an endeavour
To bring this country together?
And make falsehood look like the truth
‘Cause the truth, is January 6th was the biggest stage
For the revealing of the face
Of a country that’s set ablaze
Amazed that they couldn’t stop it
And for 77 minutes they sat and practically watched it
Ukraine is the trending topic while we are waging wars with ourselves
Throwing bodies inside a cell and strip millions of mental health
Then call it rehabilitation
Denial towards the facts that should prove we are mental patients
And patience is getting thin
‘Cause nobody ever listens to the mentals that needed saving
if you save a man’s mental
You probably can save a nation
Shave a couple minutes those children probably make it
77 minutes?
What’s the reason that kept you waiting?


Note: “Dear America” is a poem by IS that is featured in the Free Minds anthology When You Hear Me (You Hear Us).

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