Life Story

By A.R.   How do I start my life story? Should I start when I popped out my Mother in 1994 or do I start on the day when my Father walked out the door maybe I’ll start on the playground where ears were covered to block  out the sound of gun sound where a…

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Tic-toc goes the heartbeat of my life I’m sittin’ still watchin’ my life pass me by I close my eyes I don’t want to cry But trapped like an animal doesn’t make you feel like a man Tic-toc my life is passin’ me by I reach out to catch it But it flows right through…

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1987 Bright lights, new voices The smell of fresh oxygen 1987 I was born naked, wet and slimy Crying out, “Why have you confined me?” Off in this world, where they judge you the most Faced with so many trials and tribulations Two years old and still on the breast It’s a struggle for serving…

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