The Wrong Places

By R.D.

Looking for love, but like they say

In all the wrong places, lol

Looking for the right female, time

A lot I have been wasting.

I think I understand what they mean

About the wrong places!

You don’t always find love in people

It can be a place an object it can be anything!

Don’t waste your time chasing after humans it’s frustrating

Live life, love living, because no one knows

If they’re going to wake up in the morning

Pursuing love, but maybe we should be pursuing the things we love to do

Pursuing love, maybe you should pursue the love, of just loving you! lol

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  1. steersbylightning on June 22, 2012 at 10:54 PM

    I love the way you talk about different forms of love — you’re absolutely right that love isn’t always with another person. When I read this poem, it reminded me of another poem that I love, by poet Hannah Jones. She says this about love: “It is not that I am less when you are gone, but rather that I am more when you are here. This does not pertain only to people, but to words and to learning as well.” Keep writing, keep learning, and keep loving!

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