Speak Your Truth


allow your words to define who you are through your actions!

and trust that I see you for you, because we are all trying to reach the same goal,
a perfect place to embrace amongst the multicolor of the rainbow.

like the north star you shine brightly. therefore cast your light to the voiceless
while striving to provoke change,
expressing gratitude, laughter and love in the presence of your own pain.

don’t be fierce in your quest for love and reject all forms of hate.
for tomorrow is not promised to us, so grab the spot light now or forever wait.

i can see the caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly.
bare your soul to the world and allow life to be your only natural high.

let your spirit run wild through the fields of unlimited youth.
and each day as you become who you say you are, bravely speak your truth!

**a special dedication to the mysteries of the rainbow. happy pride month**

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