Sad 2 Say


She was born to a single mother
Father tried to come back when she was ten
He came with clothes and gifts, but she was already
cold within

His love was what she yearned for, but he was too dumb to understand
Not to mention the streets had given her a kiss on the cheek
And when I wasn’t looking, the streets held
her hand

Mother tried to supervise
But it’s hard for a single mother who is raising 3 kids
Plus she had 2 jobs, somebody has to put food
in the fridge

The little girl is now twelve
Skipping school and getting drunk
She’s loving the attention that she’s getting from the boys

Sometimes, she runs away for days, leaving the mother worried sick
The father done packed his bags, said f*ck her life he’s going to live his

This is not a rare story in the hood, this is how it is
A lot of mothers are struggling
The worst part is when they lose control of their kids
The little girl gets pregnant, and the cycle repeats
It’s messed up how they set it up for the poor
Let the poor stay poor and the rich get richer

Flood the hood with drugs
Oh and give them guns too
Let’s limit their education and give them low paying gigs
The part that’s really messed up is that they said, “F*ck the kids”

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