Lost Then Found


I lose myself so often many days my mind go blank
I feel like a person I’m not a lot
My soul is lost and my thoughts are tied in a knot
I’ve been lost since the day I was born and took my first breath
I’ve lost my mind, I’ve wasted time
I been through so much, I have hope, no luck
I live too fast but I feel stuck
I found myself
I found myself in jail
I found myself in my writing
I found myself in fighting, fighting for what I believe is right
I could never go out without a fight
I found myself in this lesson I’ve learned
I’ve made a U-turn from the wrong turn
Lost then found

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  1. G-Pa_D (aka Grandpa David) on February 26, 2015 at 5:59 PM

    One of the greatest poetry hits of all time (written almost maybe 650 years ago) begins “In the middle of my life/ I found myself in a dark wood, /completely lost to everything good.”

    And that guy whose name was Dante had to go to Hell, and then spend hundreds of pages climbing up, in the end, to Paradise.

    Just sayin’ that lots of us have known something of that feeling, but it takes strong brave souls to write it down for the rest of us. Thank you.

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