Live or Die Hard (Bury Me With Stripes On My Heart)


If I am still living past 30
I beat the battle of the system we live by
If I don’t make it
I am going 2 die hard 4 trying
Every day we fight 4 freedom of speech
Or something important in our life today
So I am going 2 stand up 4 what’s right
And what I believe is right
Now and in the future
I just want 2 live free
With no stress in the world
If I can’t live in peace
Then bury me with stripes
On my heart and soul 4 life
When somebody look me up
At least they can say
He didn’t go 4 nothing
While he was alive


  1. joewanders on February 11, 2013 at 11:09 AM

    This is a really powerful poem. It’s great to be driven by a need for peace, justice, and doing what’s right, because that’s a source of motivation that no one can take away from you and that will always point you in the right direction if you listen to it. I’d really like to hear more – what sort of things do you think are worth fighting for, and what do you do to work towards them? Know that your life comes with a great deal of power, even at times when it feels like “the system we live by” is constantly working against you. Please keep using your thoughts and your words as a tool to build the sort of world you want to live in, because it’s this sort of honest, raw writing that can change how people think. Keep it up, and keep writing – your life has already impacted mine just through this poem, and I know you have and will continue to impact other people as well.

  2. Sarah on February 11, 2013 at 5:05 PM

    This poem is great and left me wanting more– what are you going to stand up for? What do you believe is right? You definitely piqued my curiosity and I’d love to hear more specific examples of what you believe in and care about. I think the raw emotion here really captivates the audience and feels very real and not at all superficial.

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