Inside a World


I live inside a world full of lies and deception
Where money is an obsession
And I’m judged by my complexion
Please understand that this isn’t a philosophy
But this is me expressing my feelings by thinking logically
I’m from a race that suffers from poverty
Low class black folks unfit for the American society
I live inside a world where I am guilty until proven innocent
Modern day slavery, my place of imprisonment 
Only 18 and yet my time is almost equivalent
Said to be a threat and danger to the American citizen
I live inside a world where police harass me every day
Where I’m listed as a suspect in every case
Know that this is me speaking for every young black male in every state
Who has been a victim to the system in every way
False convictions is what they call justice!
20 year sentences is what they call justice!
Unfair trials is what they call justice!
And I live inside a world where justice
Isn’t justice when it comes to just us


  1. Samantha on August 1, 2014 at 10:35 PM

    Wow, very powerful poem by a talented writer…I get shivers reading it, thinking about all the injustices spread across our ‘justice’ system. I pray that you will soon get real justice…

  2. CP on July 21, 2015 at 2:00 PM


    This poem is truly remarkable. It reminds me of a lot of slam/beat poetry, in that it is so lyrical and each word is so deliberate, so purposeful. The words you use are very thoughtfully laid out, crafted with a heavy connotation. This choice of words really helps to better get across your point about social injustice, civil unrest, and mass incarceration.

    I have to say I completely agree with you about the way our society and prison system is unjustly structured, and you are certainly not alone in expressing your feelings of anger, rage, frustration, despair…These themes are all too common, and yet nothing happens and nothing changes. People just despair and feel hopeless instead. That’s why I know other people reading your poem appreciate you speaking your mind, and speaking your mind so eloquently. These are important issues to voice and to discuss artistically, especially.

    I am really struck by the last line, “And I live inside a world where justice
    Isn’t justice when it comes to just us.” The way you use justice and “just us” is absolutely brilliant. It encapsulates everything flawed with the slanted system and prison empire. I hope you continue to write like this, impassioned, and to inspire.


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