Free Mindz Rap


Now I know what it’s like to have a Free Mind/
I was lost, blindfolded, to see crime/
One day I’m on the street, to see shine/
Next day I’m in the pen, to see time/
The judge told me, he gave me a second chance/
This is the longest I have ever been in the slam/
Free Mindz is family, family for what I stand/
The more that I grow, the more I’m becoming a man/
You myte as well move forward and concentrate/
I still have a date with the world, I’m not late/
You can get around the bad, just navigate/
You can still change your life, so why wait/
Reading & writing is all that I have/
Making good judgment is creating a path/
You should hurry up and change all you can/
Time is ticking, you do the math/

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  1. SS on November 14, 2014 at 7:51 PM

    Dear RJ,

    Thank you for this poem about vision and learning how to see clearly. I like the way the poem illuminates the past through the light of the present, and shows the things the speaker couldn’t see before. The poem reminds the reader to focus on all the things that can be changed and all the growth that is still to come. I really like the metaphor in the end when you compare making good judgements to creating a path. The creative spelling in this poem works for me, because the language shows the speaker creating his own way of seeing the world in a powerful and innovative way. The rhythm and rhyming music also create a driving sense of going forward in life and looking to the future with excitement. I look forward to reading more poems like this one.

  2. Matt on April 20, 2018 at 9:22 AM

    Dear RJ,
    Thank you for this beautiful poem. this poem is inspiring. The line “Free Mindz is family, family for what I stand.” This line shows truly how much you appreciate free minds. ThIs line speaks to me because I have read many free minds poems and I often look to them when I am in need of inspiration. My favorite pat of your poem is the rhyme scheme, it helps show the beauty of the poem.


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