Free Mind


A free mind–first and foremost:
Is it even possible?
To have a mind free enough to soar above
Any and all obstacles,
A mind as pure and strong as the hand
With which it was created,
A gift that bears gifts?
I’d be unstoppable
If my mind were as clear as the skies,
I’ve always wished to ascend,
To fly

You mean to tell me there’s something beyond the clouds?
All I have to do is get rid of my fears
And leave my past behind?
Lord knows I’ve been walking blind
Still can those eyes truly see
A mind so free?

Therein resides visions of grandeur
That surpass your sweetest dreams
Even if confined, a free mind can push through walls,
Any bitter end

You say in my mind are ideas that even pioneers would envy?
Shake life’s restraints
Escape to a place many a good book send me
See life–
while blind to the surroundings designed only to kill desire–
with a clarity more precious than diamonds
Careful, free time surely expires
But there is nothing in this world that can stop
A free mind!

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