By A.G.


Who’s my brother

It’s not that I don’t have a brother

but when I was hurt, stress, down

and out, he left, he disappeared

like the weather

Am I my brother’s keeper?

I am but when I think of him my

heart gets weaker

because I know he’ll leave me leaking


All that means is that we share

the same mother

but I’ve cried for him, I’ve lied for

him, I’ve even thought of dying

for him

for my brother

I’ll give a kidney for him, a lung

for him, I’ll even rip out

my heart for him.

To save his life to show that

I’ll die for mines, that’s the

reason I’m sitting in prison

doing time

Brother I love my brother,

Brother I miss my brother

Brother I sure wouldn’t kiss my

brother –LLS-

But it still doesn’t kill the fact

That he’s my brother


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  1. Bill on June 7, 2012 at 2:03 PM

    Dear A.G. – Your poem does a really good job of describing how strong and complex your feelings for your brother are. I like the way you keep repeating the word “brother,” letting it rhyme with itself. That gives the poem a powerful beat.

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