Change For Me


Change for me is…
A verb
So much more
Than just a word
It means working on my plan
Day and night
Not daydreaming or saying
One day, “I just might”
Change for me is…
Using honest introspection
Allowing me to be more
Proactive and less reaction
Viewing the world
With a brand new perception
Change for me is…
Realizing that blaming others is useless
Mindful of my acronym for blame
Big Lies And Major Excuses
Change for me is…Growing from thinking
Only about myself
And how hard it is doing this time
Now I pray for those
Directly or indirectly impacted by my crime
Change for me is…
Moving forward
Doing whatever it takes
Not being defined or held back
By my past mistakes
Refusing to be discouraged
By the barriers in my way
Striving to become a better man
Even better than I am today
Change for me is…
Honesty, hard work and determination
No lying, whining or procrastination
Planting my feet firmly in positivity
Not being swayed by negativity
Change for me is…
Change for me is…
The only way

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  1. Rachael Sandri on February 14, 2016 at 3:16 PM


    You poem resonated with me because it is hard for me to separate my past from my present self. I found the lines “Not being defined or held back / By my past mistakes” particularly inspiring. It is awesome that you could use your own specific experience to speak to something that everyone must engage: moving forward. Also, I loved your acronym for blame. I thought it was creative, and I think it will stick with me. Please keep writing. I’d love to read more.

    Your fan,


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