Not Forgotten


I am just an afterthought
To a world that is constantly moving
But then…
I am a wish to those who remember
And miss me


  1. Freddie Hoskin says

    I really love the pacing of this poem. The motion pointed towards in the second line by “a world that is constantly moving” is really beautifully subverted in the next line with “But then…” The pacing in the last two lines is calm and measured and really rounds the whole thing out well. Personally I’m a big fan of short form poetry but this one in particular manages to go at three different speeds in the space of five lines which is an impressive feat to pull off so well. I’m also really fond of the idea of being a wish to someone, it really expands my idea of the word “wish” but doesn’t stretch it beyond the bounds of sense. I really enjoyed this poem, thank you.

  2. I absolutely love the parallelism found in this poem! The text itself is extremely powerful in the clear separation between the first and second halves that reflects the separation that the author feels from the world.

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