New Life


 My old life was all about me and me alone
I didn’t care or think about anyone else
I did what I wanted, didn’t care about the consequences
I was all about self

My old life landed me in and out of jail
Hurtin’ the ones I love
The old life of mine didn’t care about committing sins
And never was worried about the Man Above

The Man Above gave me every opportunity
To better myself in the book
From a full-time construction job to going to the Everest Institute
And all I did was took

Took it all for granted—
Got fired, caught another case, and had to drop out of school
Sad to say, I didn’t even care
As long as I still had every one of my friends’ respect
And was still considered cool

But it’s not cool to leave the woman you love
Out there by herself, to fend for a child you made
Or to put the woman who raised you through hell,
Now she’s in a house feeling jade

That’s when I realized I have to better my life
Not for me, but the ones I love:
My girl, big bro, my moms, my son, and grandmothers
It’s time to stop thinking about self
And start caring and thinking about others

So when I get home, Imma do right by my mom & birth mom,
Stop worrying my big bro, my grandmothers
Show my son, what a man is supposed to be, and turn my girl
So I’m looking forward to the future
Can’t wait to get outta here to show them all the change
For them to see my strong faith in God
And live my better and brand New Life


  1. Mbachur Mbenga says

    Let me start off by saying that I appreciate your honesty and the fact that you have made positive decisions to better your negative ones.
    Your son will read this one day and love you 100 times more than he already does because you are his hero, his role model, you are making him proud!
    Your lady will read this admire your courage, your love for her, and your maturity.
    Your family will read this and appreciate you so much more than you think.
    I look up to you GB, your dedication and determination is what just made me smile so big!
    Keep it up!!

  2. GB,
    Your poem is incredibly powerful for a couple of reasons. First of all, as a whole, the poem has a nice journey. We see you change from living your life only for yourself to living your life for all of those around you. Seeing change by the end of the poem is really inspiring. Second, your poem has nice rhythm and flow that makes it come off of the page and makes me feel the poem rather than just read it. Third, your poem is so strong as a whole, but it also has individual lines that stand on their own. Lines such as “I was all about self” and “to fend for a child you made” are so powerful. Thank-you for sharing with us and please keep writing. I’m excited to see what you have to say next.

  3. Andre Williams says

    GB, I really enjoyed reading your poem, It showed that you have grown as a person. Allow the mistakes you have made in the past to motivate you to become and even better individual.

  4. Dear GB,

    A quick note – There were 8 others who liked your poem before I got here. I’ve given your poem a five-star vote. I like the narrative in your poetry. You walk me through your life to this point, and then step me through to your hope for the future. What is a man supposed to be? I am also a woman left raising children alone. Although in different circumstances.


  5. GB- Your poem really caught my attention. Your honesty and ability to acknowledge your mistakes is refreshing and startling. Truly great writers are uncompromisingly honest and you certainly possess that trait.

    I love this stanza:

    “But it’s not cool to leave the woman you love
    Out there by herself, to fend for a child you made
    Or to put the woman who raised you through hell,
    Now she’s in a house feeling jade?

    The parallel you draw between your own mother and your son’s mother (and between you and your son) is so powerful.

    Please keep writing and stay focused! I see great things in your future!

  6. GB,
    this is a really powerful poem that I think is applicable to a lot of people. Thank you for being so honest about your regrets. Life is rooted in the changes we make after making mistakes, so you should feel proud of yourself that you want to better yourself. Your writing displays your true talent, you are able to create a whole story within a poem. Keep up writing, I’d love to read more of your work.

  7. GB, I think this should be required reading for anyone who´s in your position and working on starting a new life. The message is clear and strong and never fumbles or wavers. My favorite line, even though it is very simple, is the one in which you list all of your family members. It shows that you have so many people you want to live a good life for, and so many people who care about you and whom you care about. Please show this to them; I know they will appreciate it.

  8. PS: Having lost both of my grandmothers in the past few years, I want to tell you to appreciate them while you can!

  9. Dear GB — I was very touched by your poem; the way you described your journey and what you want for your future. I mentor a young man who is currently serving time and I’ve been going through the website pulling poems that I think might be meaningful for him. I am sending him yours. He has liked the poems so much that I have sent that he hand copied them for his brother and sister – both of whom are in danger of going down the wrong path.

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