The woman that raised me since birth,

the same woman that cleaned me after I’ve been playing in dirt.

She read me stories, then tucked me into bed,

and when I done wrong, she’d never hesitated to go across my head.

When I was ill or came down with a cold, she was my doctor,

and when I had a role in the school play, she was my director.

My mamma is great, Ma used to help me with my homework, and even a spelling test.

Then Ma would send me off to school with a smile & kiss,

and she’d say, “Don’t worry I know you’ll do your best.”

My mother’s cooking is amazing; everything is delicious and made with love.

I know there’s a God, ‘cause my mother is a gift from the heavens above.

Ma was there when that girl broke my heart,

 She’s the one that repaired it, and said, “This is just the start.”

I can go on & on about how good my mother is, but this poem will never be done.

So never take your mother for granted, you only get one.

A wise woman said that, “that’s why I can’t imagine life without her…

I just don’t wanna.”

She’s my rock, the leader of my support team,

some call her L, some call her auntie,

but I call her Mamma


  1. *Tears* so few of us even acknowledge the importance of our mothers and how crucial she is and was to our very survival. if heaven had a key, she would be it. Thank you for this infinitely important reminder.

  2. Awesome! Feel the same way about my Mom.

  3. This is beautiful. And as a mom, I hope my son will feel the same about me. I like the line “she’d never hesitated to go across my head,” we certainly need that sometimes, don’t we? 🙂 Thanks for sharing and love your momma!

  4. i love this peom this is a nice peom that touch the heart

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