I’ve been in this world,
for a short time.
Countless tears
wasted on
nothing an’ no ones

Feeling like my
life is over
before it has begun
Yet why is it
that I haven’t given
up the fight
to right my wrongs
and raise my son right

I have travelled the hardest road
been from this penitentiary to
the next
but no one cares
but me
My life means so much more
to me than it use to
I feel like a bird without
a nest
The hopes and dreams that came so
fast can only be a rendition
of my f-ed up past


  1. Catherine Davis says

    Dear DJ, I am sorry to read of all of your pain. I hope that you will find peace and compassion and love in your life. Thank you for reaching out to the world with your honest words. It takes a brave man to show vulnerability and is one of the most important things we can do.

  2. it is very beautiful and makes me shiver inside when I read it. I really like how you connect your life to a bird without a nest, it really gave me perspective and I thought it enhanced your poem.

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