To my loving sweetheart, I do admit
Even though we’re apart, my love for you will never quit.
You spark my world with your loving ways,
With pleasure that carries me through for days and days.
I miss you dearly and your pleasing personality,
That is surely pleasing and very special to me.
Truth be told, no matter how old,
Your love is so warm—never cold.
You are the one who won my heart over
Helped me to stay strong and forever sober.
You’ll always be my one and only true love,
As I thank our creator, our God above.
With you I long to be,
For a lifetime—once I’m free.
You’re more important to me than money,
You’re sweeter to me than honey.
With me—in my heart, you’ll always have a place,
For only you can put such a smile on my face.
I hope all is well for you out there,
And know my dear, how much, I-really-do-care.

If I Was Your Man


 Even if we cannot be together
I hope he adores you and your heart he treasures
Makes you smile because your smile brings so much pleasure
And he blows your mind beyond its wildest measures
I hope he buys you flowers
Gives you his coat in rain storms and showers
Listens to you, talk for hours
And he keeps you safe from snakes, busters, and cowards
I hope he holds your hands
Kisses your soft lips no matter where you stand
Don’t get mad when you make numerous demands
And that all your wishes are his commands
I hope he cherishes the ground you walk on
Never argues with you and lets bygones be bygones
Builds you back up when your confidence is torn
And that he buys you new shoes when yours get old and worn
I hope he takes you out to eat and dance
It may sound corny but it’s all romance
If he does this then I know I don’t stand a chance
These are the things I would’ve done if I was your man

Me + You + Jail


I remember those days we used to kick it after dark
Kissin’ your neck, my head laid on your heart
Neva thought dat love could ever be split apart
Guess I was wrong cuz dis shyt is just the start
I’m realizing that fantasizing is timeless
Living in this cell
My only comfort is rhyming
Yeah, girl I miss u
Know dat I miss you and all the shyt we done been through
It’s like my love unraveling like some tissue