Words of Inspiration


Listen to my words of inspiration
For we are living in a world of discrimination
Inside these times of temptation
While on a path to separation

We judge each other according to looks, finances, and beliefs
Looking down upon one another
Forgetting that we are all unique 

We all may not fall from the same tree
Or we all may not come from the same street
But does that make you better than me?

Some of us belittled because we pray a different way
And stereotyped by the complexion of our face. I pray…
That we can set aside these traits
Come together as people and unite as one Race

My words of inspiration traveling from place to place
To eliminate the racial profiling and judgmental ways


  1. IS-

    I really like the message of this poem. You very succinctly capture the political and social climate in this country right now- with discrimination not just based on race, but also on economics and religion. I especially like the line where you say, “We judge each other according to looks, finances, and beliefs/Looking down upon one another/Forgetting that we are all unique.” On the surface, you almost wouldn’t think that “beliefs” and “unique” would work well together in a rhyme, but here they work perfectly to convey your message.

    I think your “words of inspiration” do travel and your message is an important one. I hope that you keep writing on these themes.


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