Wide Awake



From a child to a teenager

From a teenager into an intelligent, strong young gentleman.

Who cares about a lot that strive for everything,

Who don’t like the easy way.

Who push himself until it’s all over.

Who walks by himself and don’t fear nothing

he sees not even a lion or a tiger could tear this heart apart too strong for his own good.

Was blinded to this life before, but now I’m too wide awake to sleep.

Those snakes strike like cobras you better find out,

before your time out, gotta stay awake.

I can sleep when I die; I’m wide awake to miss too much.


  1. Melissa Deane says

    I really like this! I can feel the intensity building as your writing it. It almost seems likes you started the poem with a line you weren’t sure what you wanted to do with and ended up with your pen moving across the page like it had a mind of it’s own. Good use of symbolism and good strength in words. I could definitely feel this one!

  2. I agree with Melissa! I love how this builds. I want to congratulate you on the journey described in this piece. You have experienced far more than I ever will, and I admire your courage to stand alone when you need to. I hope you continue to be inspired and to find beauty in your life. it seems like you have so much wisdon to share with the world, and other young men. I cannot wait to read more of your writing.

  3. I really like this peom because it relate 2 me

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