The Tears I Cry


Look in my eyes
& you’ll see the tears I cry

As I lie back on my bed
The vivid memories of my family
& I flow through my head, I’ll be a liar
If I say, I didn’t see this coming

Growing up in the city of D.C
Wasn’t always peaches & cream for me
I was always told by many I’m worthless
& would never amount to anything

Many nights I’ve set in the dark
Wondering if there was someone
There who could heal my broken heart.

My father was never there
So my mother had to do it alone
Struggling just to make ends meet
Raising 6 kids in a 3 bedroom home
To see my mother do this taught me that
Women are very strong, & I praise her
Every day for not leaving me alone

That’s why it hurt me
Because I never got the chance to truly thank her
& say goodbye because I was sitting in an 8.10 cell
When she died, just the thought of it
Brings tears to my eyes

Now look at me & tell me
Can you see the tears I cry

The people I thought loved me
1 by 1 all started to dissipate
& I realize they were never there for love
It was just the material things & again I find myself
Feeling alone like I once did before

& I yearn for my heart to be healed once more
But the biggest pain of all makes
Me feel ashamed & weak so much so
That I catch myself crying in my sleep
& that’s knowing I’ve abandoned
My children as my father did &
Becoming him was something I never
Thought I’ll be. Wondering will they
Hate me like I hated him makes
Me shiver in fear from limb to limb

The black white walls of my cell
Turns into a movie screen
& the memories of my past become
My mental pain

I start to feel my eyes water
& then the tears flow
& I think to myself
When will my pain go
Inshallah it’s soon
But, I have to remain patient
Until I come to know

Although people see me smile
& laugh a lot
I often wonder if they can also
Look at me & see

The Tears I Cry


  1. Mary Shutler says

    Hi DWS,
    This poem was so full of emotion and honesty that it reached me in the first few lines. The first section that struck me was ‘id be a liar if I didn’t see this coming’. This reminded me of the many mistakes I’ve made while aware that I would suffer the consequences. Also the section about your mom and the struggle she had was really a touching tribute to her memory. Your a talented writer and have a relatable perspective. Thank you for sharing your poetry

  2. Your poem brought tears to my eyes. I hope you continue to be patient and know that you are worth everything. Please keep sharing your feelings and emotions with others and through writing.

  3. Thank you for sharing such raw pain and emotion. Beautifully written.

  4. Hi DWS

    This is an emotional poetry. I can feel the pain and struggle that you are going through.
    You are doing great and I believe that your passion in writing will help you cope as well.

    I always believe that sharing your pain by poem will also inspire and strengthen others. Someone else who will read this will also know that they are not alone.

    Thank you for sharing a wonderful poem and know that you are an amazing person.

    I am also hoping that my works can reach others to entertain and in hoping to inspire others to write.

    All the best!

    Jane C –

  5. Tiena M Elias says

    This was such a beautiful and touching poem, thank you for sharing your story. I hope you are doing well currently and have happiness in your life ahead.

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