youth incarceration

Welcome to the Fort

By RW Let me tell you about a place I know Filled with broken dreams and lost hope A place if visited within your dreams Would turn nightmarish by thoughts provoked A place created many years ago When a father was taken from the only child he knew Now he’s stuck in memories as time…

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By GD I was still a juvenile and convicted as a child Though sentenced as an adult But still I smile… I think about my reality and realize just how real it is Then I laugh…. I don’t laugh because it’s funny But because its “funny” how a young black man could So easily succumb…

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My Struggle

By AF They lock us in these cages And throw away the key Say it ain’t no hope for me I was only sixteen When they gave me eighteen Man if they really really knew All of the s*** we go through Maybe they’ll provide a better way And lil bruh still be here today…

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