youth incarceration

Revolving Door

“What’s up nephew?! What you in here for?
I see much of myself in you, this place seem to have a revolving door.
I was your age when I caught my first adult bid.
“They” say juvy joints don’t count, I guess because I was just a kid.
But the doors look the same plus the locks haven’t changed.
It is what it seem, this place have a revolving door, it’s a shame!

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If I Were Free

If I were free, I would cherish
every breath I breathe.

If I were free, I would cherish
every hug, and every kiss for everyday that I missed.

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Me and My Teddy Bear

I have a teddy bear in my cell.
I don’t feel lonely.
He makes me feel like a boy.
I hug and kiss my soft plush teddy bear before I go to sleep.

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Welcome to the Fort

By RW Let me tell you about a place I know Filled with broken dreams and lost hope A place if visited within your dreams Would turn nightmarish by thoughts…

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By GD I was still a juvenile and convicted as a child Though sentenced as an adult But still I smile… I think about my reality and realize just how…

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