Two Sides


My eyes look dry
But truly my heart cries
I’m peaceful to society’s eye
But inside I fight my demon’s cry
Two sides to each story
Two sides to a book
I’m an ex-felon but truly not a crook
Drugs have no need in my life
All I need is
And a pen to write

Me + You + Jail


I remember those days we used to kick it after dark
Kissin’ your neck, my head laid on your heart
Neva thought dat love could ever be split apart
Guess I was wrong cuz dis shyt is just the start
I’m realizing that fantasizing is timeless
Living in this cell
My only comfort is rhyming
Yeah, girl I miss u
Know dat I miss you and all the shyt we done been through
It’s like my love unraveling like some tissue

A Pencil In My Hand


Put a pencil in my hand
And a sketch pad in front of me
My mind’s so focused
It feels like the whole world is under me
My imagination goes wild
And my hand thinks for itself
Listening to what my mind thinks
And stuck on nothing else

I Gotta Make It


I’m chasing satisfaction on a broken leg
Steady treading water on a steady shore
With a covert attitude, but an aura that depicts pure
I walk a lonely road, but yet I’m steady fighting demons
But if I keep my eyes shut, it will defeat the point of seeing
So I conquer all that tends to conquer human beings
The brain is real intricate…tends to make you muse
Thoughts come tangled up…some hard to un-loose
I’m a warrior, not a soldier
I don’t get ready, I stay ready

Pursuit of happiness?  Anyone know the path?
How can you value or cherish something you never had?
How can you understand a language that leads to many places?
Or recognize a code that resembles so many faces?
Life is like a maze, victory is timed
So I keep my head up as if I’m waiting on a sign
Only ten toes on the ground
Because it’s the same fight – different round!
They tell me not to steal…
But every opportunity—I must take it!
And life is dealt raw…
But as for mine, I gotta make it!

Play Time is Over


If you knew me, you knew everything to me was a game
Took nothing serious, being responsible was considered lame
I would call myself a man, but nowhere near grown up
Complete juvenile, and no idea what was really up
Up the sleeve of reality, I didn’t even see the real world coming
The real world hit me hard, and the punch was really something
If it wasn’t for the punch to wake me up
I’d still be walking around acting like a toddler
The punch was my girl is pregnant, and I’m going to be a father
Everything that was a joke became real serious and fast
I want to be in my child’s future, so I got to leave the old me in the past
Cause being a good father has nothing to do with luck
Not even if you got a four leaf clover
Clowning around has been cut short, the game clock has struck 0:00
So, Play Time Is Over!!!