Lost in the Dark


I stare
In my four-corner room
Hoping for a better life
But I only get doom
Lost in the dark
Looking for light soon
Every corner that you turn
Guns pop like balloons
How to get out?
I can’t, I’m trapped
Make the wrong move
And it’s a wrap!
Trying to go forward
But I keep looking back
Lost in the light
And I’m blind as a bat

Big Dogs & Cool Cats


He’s back! He’s back! Who’s that?
You know who, the big dog that hangs with those cool cats
Oh yeah, I know him—where’s he been?
Freeing his mind through his pad and pen
I just saw him and he spoke words of gloom
He told me to never let my glory walk hand in hand with doom

People forget faster than they remember, so remember never to forget
Knowledge is like a great wall, we have to pay attention to every brick
Success is measured by failure, by those who learn from their mistakes
If you keep these things in mind, everything you are will be great!

Untitled (When I Write)

I write when I’m bored
I fight with no sword
My poems are amazing
Without me blazing
My face clear
My thoughts are great
I believe in myself
I have faith
So I’ma stay I’ma be home 1 day
All I have to do is pray
I read books to escape where I’m at
I need help on how to chat

When Pencil Meets Paper

When pencil meets paper
I condemn the facility
Then come back with the remedy
Praying for all enemies
Cuz I’m too profound
Podium speaking I grasp the crowd
Wit compound word and plenty verbs
Gettin’ pension for my proverbs
Cuz when they hit ya it packs a punch like Moss Berg
Flyin’ round the city I’m a lost bird
In a lost world no longer neat
Just pencil paper everything else is obsolete
The pinnacle is here so where should I try and reach
When there’s no ripe fruits for me to reap
I’m beyond money, cars, clothes, and sneaks
So I write and out the pencil the graphite leaks
So peep my pedigree when my heart beats them beats
And after pencil meets paper let my mind bleed on beats