Inner Strength


As a product of his environment,
He could not read nor write,
Designed and programmed for destruction,
Thoughts of suicide haunted him at night.

As a product of his environment.
Incarcerated overnight
Afraid to give up, he decided to fight

Six years later a GED, Paralegal diploma and
An Associate’s Degree in Business Management
He found life.

As a product of his environment
He took flight.

Tears of Hope


Dedicated to Free Minds Volunteers

Poetry bleeding from my instrument
Staining my canvas for years
Generosity pouring from my peers
Transforming my hope into tears

It seems like it was just yesterday
When I realized this wonderful gift
Ever since I opened my present
My life has taken a shift

When your desire for something is strong
The manifestation will come to pass
Uncontrollable emotions
As you say to yourself, “At last”!

Cursed since my incarceration
now blessed and highly favored
Indebted to a Free Mind
This taste will forever be savored

After a finished masterpiece
I step back and stare in awe
All thanks and glory to god
For a talent I never foresaw

Eager to encourage the world
I humbled myself with joy
With passion to strengthen the weak
Into a fortress no one can destroy

It’s hard to express with words
But thank you for giving me hope
My tears describe my emotion
As a brilliant kaleidoscope

My Cell


It’s in my blood, the trait of the drug
Sickled wit love for a cause that causes y’all laws
To disease young souljas 
I’m trapped in this nightmare and praying for closure
But then I see nightfall 
Then my environment slowly breathes quiet 
And dark thoughts in my mind coldly creep quiet
I’m replaying the scenes that generations have seen
A past unshorn, while my father’s genes
Fit his boy like compression
Oppression of my bloodline before the Great Depression
My blood cells got invaded by their cancers 
Genetically I’m strapped though, like Baking Soda’s Arm & Hammer
This virus…which provokes mental breakdown 
But rules been that if you get down you stay down 
That’s why I got up with the sunrise 
And pretty soon I’ll be walking across the gun line 
The gun line boss…you tried to lock me in that cell for life
It’s in my blood and my cells gon’ fight 
The hell in my cell 

My Passion


The passion I have for writing is a feeling of peace and tranquility
The desire to inspire myself ambitiously
A sense of freedom without actually being free
Unlocking my chains with this poetic key
Exceeding beyond this feeling of imprisonment
My mind directs these orchestrated sentences.  Read More

New Life


 My old life was all about me and me alone
I didn’t care or think about anyone else
I did what I wanted, didn’t care about the consequences
I was all about self

My old life landed me in and out of jail
Hurtin’ the ones I love
The old life of mine didn’t care about committing sins
And never was worried about the Man Above

The Man Above gave me every opportunity
To better myself in the book
From a full-time construction job to going to the Everest Institute
And all I did was took

Took it all for granted—
Got fired, caught another case, and had to drop out of school
Sad to say, I didn’t even care
As long as I still had every one of my friends’ respect
And was still considered cool

But it’s not cool to leave the woman you love
Out there by herself, to fend for a child you made
Or to put the woman who raised you through hell,
Now she’s in a house feeling jade

That’s when I realized I have to better my life
Not for me, but the ones I love:
My girl, big bro, my moms, my son, and grandmothers
It’s time to stop thinking about self
And start caring and thinking about others

So when I get home, Imma do right by my mom & birth mom,
Stop worrying my big bro, my grandmothers
Show my son, what a man is supposed to be, and turn my girl
So I’m looking forward to the future
Can’t wait to get outta here to show them all the change
For them to see my strong faith in God
And live my better and brand New Life