Sadness in Your Heart

By JJ When you have sadness in your heart, you feel like a little person and everybody is walking over you. Your heart is crying, but your soul is just sad. There is hope. You hope they do not look in your past or you hope they forgive you for your past. This is the…

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By RD I am one who has been judged unfit to live in society Locked away to serve so-called justice to so-called crimes. They say I am unfit yet I twine my ink with tears forming every line It truly saddens me to see the country in such division Hatred and violence, can anyone see…

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By SK Sometimes I wish I was heartless So I wouldn’t care Use a black hole to replace the red muscle So I won’t fear when you ain’t there And I won’t have to struggle I need the potion for no emotion Or to put them in a bottle to go with the ocean Don’t…

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