The Real Me

N***** you don’t know me
all you know me for is carrying them glocks
And emptying my clip
but you don’t know
I want to become an architect
all’s you remember
Is that summer day when I
Introduced you to the street life
Huh but you don’t remember
I told you to get a scholarship
Instead of money man don’t judge me
until you know the real me

I know why you think carryin’ a glock
Is the real me because I been locked
And that’s all you know about me
But remember the times I was
I was taking courses to
Become an architect
so instead of building a gun
I could build a house
for the fam
It’s time to put the gun down
and pick the pen up
and empower myself

Hoping Pt 2

God must have had me in his will
Because he brought you to me today
But I can’t believe we had to walk away
If I could, I would have left with you
But I guess I can’t, but I wish I could have
Before I put this pen to rest
And close this journal
I want to say
Even though you can’t read my mind
And here what I’m trying to say
I love you
And loved seeing you today
See you soon

What If

What if I went to school and did what I had to do?
What if I come home and got a job?
What if I hadn’t gotten locked up- what would I be doing at home?
What if I could make a big change?
What if I could tell people that jail is not a place to be?
What if I could be something real big in life?
What if I can come home and make money by writing poems?
What if someone come to me and say, “I like your poems”?
What if I could put a smile on everyone’s face when they read my poems?
What if I can go somewhere from my poems?
What if I could write a book for everyone to read?
What if lawyers come up here and tell me I’m going home?
What if the people in court can see that I’m not a bad person?
What if I tell people that this is coming from my heart?
What if I tell people that me being locked up hurts my mom and aunt?
What if someone read my poem, and they tell me that they want to help me get my poems out there so everyone could read them?
All I can say is what if.

Why Is Life Worth Living

Why is life worth living for
When most of the time I’m
stuck behind a door?
Why is life worth living for
when we don’t even get
all of our time on the floor?
All I know is life is worth more
than you can adore…

Books Make Me Feel

Books make me feel free
They put me in a different state of mind
To the point where I can fall asleep
And dream
That I am the character of the book