To My Peeps

I want to let you know
how you made me feel tonight

Tryna convey my emotions to words
will not suffice

A simple ‘thank you’ seems mediocre
Because you deserve so much more

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You Beautiful People

Hatred to humility.
I can forgive humanity.
What you evoke is beauty…

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Tears of Hope

By LG Dedicated to Free Minds Volunteers Poetry bleeding from my instrument Staining my canvas for years Generosity pouring from my peers Transforming my hope into tears It seems like…

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I’m Thankful

By B. I’m thankful for the first time I felt pain because I’ve learned that something in life is not a game. I thank God for the first time I…

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I Am Thankful For

By K. I am thankful for music As this is the calming I need each day I am thankful for literature As it provides a temporary escape from reality I…

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