Sometimes I Cry


My daughter’s smile weighs heavy on my heart
So heavy that I’m sitting here crying in the dark
Repeatedly telling myself, “Twon, you should have tried harder”
“Twon, you should have been a better father”
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I Know Pain


I know pain like the back of my hand
I’ve felt it on my skin like wind from a fan
I’ve cradled it like a baby and rocked it to sleep
Spilled it all over my clothes and all over my sheets Read More

Please Forgive Me


Please forgive me, I promise I will change
Please forgive me, I want to start over again
Please forgive me, I swear Ima make u proud
Please forgive me, I’m sorry and I’ll say it loud
Please forgive me, I know I have done wrong
Please forgive me, I just wanna move on
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Words of Inspiration


Listen to my words of inspiration
For we are living in a world of discrimination
Inside these times of temptation
While on a path to separation

We judge each other according to looks, finances, and beliefs
Looking down upon one another
Forgetting that we are all unique Read More

The Computer


I was given this computer when I was born
And I think it’s crashed
This computer contained
Everything about my past
I turned it off then tuned it on
And still getting a blank screen
There’s no internet on this computer
Just the things I’ve seen  Read More