I often envision being a part of another world
Where the better person in me can truly unfurl
A world where I am not perpetually judged by my greatest sin
A world showing me how it feels to be forgiven
A world where I can smell the sincerity
And those that were once foes but become dear to me
The ultimate bliss
This would is a mentality so I know that it exists

Forgiving Myself


At times I wonder if I can really forgive myself for all the bad things I’ve done! Then I ask myself, why not? If I don’t start with my own self, who’s going to do it for me first.

My past self would say damn I was right. If I shouldn’t start forgiving myself, how could I do it for somebody else.

I want the courage to tell all the ones, that one day considered me as an enemy, that I have forgiven you all for all those things that once you did to me.

When I look up I see the sky and the clouds but far away, I can see God of me has been proud.

Inside my heart, I hear my stress has been released.

My heart desires to forgive everybody, to forgive myself.

My circumstances at this moment are not the best, but I keep going without falling.

Forgiveness is wealth like nothing in the world.

That’s why I love myself.

Forgiving Myself


At times I wonder, can I forgive myself?
My past self would say, “If not you who else?”
I want the courage to make vulnerable my heart


When I look up I see neither sun or moon, only the dark
Inside my heart I hear screams of sorrow and pain
My heart desires the comfort of the rain


My circumstances blotch my skin with stain
Forgiveness is wealth that inspires spiritual health
So my sickness makes hard to say, “I love myself.”

Feel My Pain


Too young to communicate what’s going through my brain
My lips move, but words, they never seem to escape
Am I f****d up?
Or am I just too young to communicate my pain?
My pops isn’t the blame!

As a child, I was just too ashamed to share my pain
I’m all grown up
Yet I still find it hard to communicate what’s on my brain
My anger is my outlet
But I am confused with not being able to show love

Surrounded by men from different parts of the world
They don’t know me
So why should I show love that can be misconceived as weakness
Trapped inside of me
Is still this little boy who is scared to communicate his pain

Ma, you are the reason I try
The reason I look myself in the mirror just to see what’s in my eyes
I’m not afraid anymore
That’s why I am sharing with the world
The reason this little boy cries

For too long now I’ve been blaming others
When I should’ve been blaming myself
Yeah I know
It’s a harsh reality
But the truth always hurts

Words communicated with truth
Has the power to heal
But words are only a form of expression
To communicate my pain
From this little boy who holds anger and pain

I must first forgive those in order to let this anger and pain die
Don’t ask me why
But this little boy trapped inside of me is now ready
Ready to communicate his pain and tell the world why
The love for my family will never die

I was too young to communicate my pain
But as a grown man
Now I am ready to communicate
What’s on my brain.

Feel my pain!!!




As I find myself getting lost in the world of illusion,
Where perception is nothing more than constant confusion
Which catches me by surprise
Like kids opening gifts on birthdays
and the gift leaves them in utter amazement
Or like doing something and forgetting the task at hand or what you were doing
Or like arguments or hurtful words said
from points being proven

I dream sometimes…
Of broken hearts that I’ve ruined,
Of empty promises never kept,
Of walls of trust being penetrated until hatred is the only emotion left

I dream sometimes…
Of you fully forgiving me
For the mistakes that I made
and how I failed you endlessly

I dream sometimes…