Sometimes I Cry


I told a million lies now it’s time to tell a single truth
Sometimes I cry!
It’s hard dealing with my pride not knowing whether to fight or flee
Sometimes I cry
Hard to maintain this image of a tough guy
When deep down inside I am terrified!
If I ever told you I wasn’t scared I lied
Struggling to make it back to society and my family
I cry
I cry for my son who I barely see
Due to these mountains
And me and his mom’s beef
I cry for my siblings who never knew their older brother
Because he stayed in the streets
I cry for my grandma who is now deceased
I cry for my life, half of which they took for me
I cry for my anger and rage the only emotions I can show in this place
I cry for how we treat each other inside these walls
I cry for the lack of unity we have most of all!
When will it end I want to know
Till then all I can do is let these tears flow…


  1. Hello DJ,
    I really like this poem and the repetition makes it even more forceful. I hope you can use your writing force to teach others, to prepare for your future, to be strong in the right way.
    Best of luck,

  2. DJ, thank you so much for this poem. Your emotion and message are so real and come through to the reader so well. I can feel the sadness and pain even if it is only a small fraction of what you yourself are feeling. Thank you for sharing this. As men in our society I think it is so important to recognize (admit?) that we too feel deep emotions that effect our every waking moments. To say that feeling, expressing or even talking about these emotions is a sign of weakness, I believe, is very dangerous and that is one reason I really connected with your poem. But really, that sentiment is only the beginning. Your writing really allows me to look through your eyes even for just a moment and feel some of the heartache you must be going through. I hope you can find some strength in just being able to recognize and acknowledge these feelings. Because it really does take inner strength to dig deep and find the true fires burning inside of us. Thank you for empowering me to feel okay to feel sad and shed tears for mine or other’s suffering. Thank you for your offering. All my best to you, DJ.

  3. Hi DJ! This poem is really wonderful. So many people in society have trouble coming to terms with their emotions. This poem reaches out to humanity and compassion. Wonderful job!!

  4. DJ:

    This is a very powerful poem. Free Minds sent it out in an email to supporters about six weeks ago, and I was so impressed with it that I saved it in my email inbox and have gone back to read it several times since then.

    You have addressed a tough topic with courage and style. I hope you are getting a lot of satisfaction from writing.

  5. Hello Dj,
    I really enjoy this poem. I understand that it is not easy for someone to admit that they cry and they are afraid, you are a powerful person and I admire you from that. Tears can sometimes clean away the pain and it is only a matter of time until you don’t have to cry anymore. Best of luck, DJ

  6. Phenomenal work!!

  7. Dear DJ,
    This poem is very deep and touching. You demonstrate that you have hope and strength. You show that its okay to let free of your feelings and that its never too late to change. I wish the best for you and your son.

    Sincerely, Deisy

  8. DJ,
    Thank you for opening up so truthfully.
    Thank you for teaching me how to be true to my emotions
    Thank you for showing me that it is okay to cry
    Thank you for your testimony

    Please remember you are still alive
    Please remember there is still a way
    Please remember you can still make it
    Please remember there is still hope

    I know there is light at the end of the tunnel
    I pray one day your tears turn to smile
    I pray for you.


  9. Rachel Waldman says

    DJ- the emotion expressed in this poem is so real and raw. I can feel your pain and despair through your words. I am crying with you.

    Remember- the emotions, tears, and feelings you have are the first step to making positive change. Often times, the ideas and motivation for change are born from despair.

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