Something You Should Know


You should know that I was an orphan
Who never knew my biological parents
You should know I was left on the seat of a diner
In a town I never heard of
Bounced from different children’s shelters
Until the age of 7
You should know the only mother I ever known or will ever need
Took me into her home and raised me as her own
She always kept food in my belly
And clothes on my back
I miss her dearly
I pray to God that she bring her back


  1. Patrick Castellano says

    Thank you for sharing your poem. It must’ve been so hard having to deal with such a high level of uncertainty in your life. Your poem is extremely good and you do a great job capturing the readers attention and emotion. Please continue to write and expressing your emotions. -Patrick

  2. LB,
    I can see that you have been through a lot but you still have hope in your life. This poem is about you and the events in your life, so thank you for sharing them with others. Your poem is full of emotions and the message or theme behind it is beautiful. I can’t wait to see more poems from you!

  3. LB,

    Thank you for sharing this poem. Through your poem, the abundance of emotion is obvious and I can tell you have been through a lot in your life- but your refuse to give up. It must be difficult, but your poem shows readers that you will always have hope. I hope to see more poems from you as this one was very well written!

  4. Jacqueline says

    Thank you for sharing your story about your life and your mother. The poem is very powerful and showcases the depths of your emotions. The women and mother who helped you grow clearly brought such a powerful and positive influence on your life.

  5. Julianna Mann says


    Thank you for sharing your poem. I love the whole idea of sharing what you think people should know about you in order to better understand you as a person. I am sorry to hear all of the things you have been through, but I am sure that you are a much stronger person because of it. Your poem is full of emotion and I can´t wait to read more from you!

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