Poem: “Moving Ahead With Excellence”

Moving Ahead With Excellence

Coming from a messed up background where

Boys want to let off shouts and lay strips down

Selling cocaine that is breaking my brothers and sisters down

I done had so many near death experiences

So scared of death now

I been taught as a wild child

Never to back down

To walk with a smile

Even if it should be a frown

Even when I was in school

Too busy trying to be a class clown

Having long talks with my mom

She talking about how I need to turn my life around

She praying that changes come right now

It is a shame that I had to get locked up

To find out that only I can change my life around

Moving ahead with excellence is my motivation

Every time it get hard

I just think of that phrase

And continue my education

Thinking about when I get my high school diploma

How much paper I will be making

When I have a family

I will be bringing in all the bacon

I left bad and went good and left no traces

Hendrix got me on the Novanet

Working ahead, no faking

These tests are my life

Ain’t no time for procrastinating

School  is the way I be raking in all the information

Instead of getting paid with money

I’m getting paid with education

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  1. Mary on May 10, 2011 at 8:36 PM

    Dear Free Minds Poet,

    Your poem reminds me of a line from a George Harrison song (the Beatles): “Try to realize it’s all within yourself / No-one else can make you change.” Keep movin’ ahead! ~Mary

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