My Children


Daddy is here for you and it might not be in the flesh
I pray everyday life will offer you its best
You might can’t see me but I know you feel my presence
Love has no boundary and my love is endless
Take my comfort and use it as your shield
My children, loving is the only way my aching heart will heal
Searching for the right words to ease my hurt
I cherish the day I witness your birth.
Don’t ever think I ran away
Daddy obligated to a debt that he must pay
I hold on dearly to your first steps and very 1st words “Dad Dad”
I wish I could hug you so our souls could merge
Sorry for my absence so please don’t be mad
I carry you in my heart now that’s a father bag
Gotta make up and fill in the blanks
Just a little stumbling block got in the way


  1. Lindy Brandt on February 28, 2024 at 10:08 PM

    Hello DP,
    Whoa, what a poem of connection and regret. Beautiful to pray “life will offer you its best.” You are with your children, heart and soul, despite the stumbling block that got in the way. This is a poem and a prayer. Thank you for sharing yourself.

  2. Erica L on March 6, 2024 at 2:08 PM

    HI DP,
    Thank you for sharing your raw words and feelings. When I read your poem I felt connected to one of my favorite quotes that goes “what to do with all this pain? Wash it clean with love.” I feel like your words conveyed this- that you feel the ache of missing your children but you are choosing to help wash that pain by continuing to love them the best you can right now. That is admirable. Thank you for sharing

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