Poem: “Mi Corazón” (“My Heart”)

Note: This poem was written in Spanish and has been translated into English.

“Mi Corazón”

Si me tocara dejarte saber como es mi corazón
yo te dijiera es blanco como la nieve y frio
cuando no sé de ti, y en primavera
mi corazón derrama amor por todo tu alrededor

Mi corazón actua salvaje cuando mira
que tu no estás presente, mi corazón
tiene presente que esto es real y no
se puede acabar con letras ni con nada

Mi corazón se siente torturado
cuando no te encuentra a su lado
desesperado buscando respuestas en
el pasado, porque de ti está completamente

Mi corazón es blanco y puro cuando tu
estás a mi lado, mi corazón es un
instrumento que solo existe para
demostrar mis sentimientos
y darle vida a tu vida

“My Heart”

If you touched me you would know about my heart
and I would tell you it’s white like the snow and cold
when I haven’t heard from you, and in the spring
my heart pours love all around you

My heart acts savage when it sees
that you are not here, my heart
knows that this is real and can’t
be stopped with letters or anything

My heart is tortured
when it can’t find you at its side
desperately searching for answers in
the past, because with you it is completely
in love

My heart is white and pure when you
are at my side, my heart is an
instrument that only exists
to show my feelings
and give life to your life


  1. Hi, I’m taking part in Jingle’s thursday-poets-rally and am here to read your pages
    and to extend encouragement and my very best wishes and hopes for your writing success! 🙂

    This is a profoundly beautiful poem and as a spanish language speaker (English is my first language) I love the original version that you show here and can say that the english version is a very reasonable representation of that original, also being beautiful in narrative in it’s own interpretation.

    All of the poem is magnificent of course but the ending part, in Spanish, is sublime:

    ” Mi corazón es blanco y puro cuando tu
    estás a mi lado, mi corazón es un
    instrumento que solo existe para
    demostrar mis sentimientos
    y darle vida a tu vida”

    And I say….. “¡Que bueno! ¡Que maravilloso! ¡Que hermosa!” 🙂

    ps: The below mentioned links will take you separately to Jingle’s page and to my own page where you can see my own poetry. Hope you like what you see there!

    Poet Traveler


  2. wow..really cool poem! i love how you were able to translate it to perfect english without flaws from the original spanish poem..very talented indeed!

  3. Ms. Peaches says

    this is beautiful…I love that you wrote it in ingles y espanol! muy bonita…gracias!

    check me out when you can


    (oh I’m here from Jingle’s)

  4. Perry Mason says

    BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL POEM I would put this On my Facebook

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