No More Silence

By Shannon

This is my cry for a stop in senseless violence,
How many lives must be destroyed before someone, anyone
Shout to the mountain top, no more silence, no more silence

How could we overcome, if a promised dream is never realized
Due to a nightmarish reality that must end and if no
One is willing to step up, where does the change begin
To reverse a maddening cycle of gentrification, of generations
Who look just like me and you, who they look up to and emulate

So whose responsibility it is, to be responsible, before
Its just too late and what excuse could justify
Such a decision, when it’s obviously a grave mistake
That will surely impact our community, and reflect a
Negative mindset that we must counter and combat
With an objective view towards positive progress
That begins with self-evaluation and a want for change
A choice to make a difference, that can lead to an act of
Forgiveness and self-liberation, with you as our witness
And our guide in this act of unification, of prisoners against
Gun violence, men who can no longer afford to be quiet
And our debt to society is no more silence, no more silence


  1. Kathleen Brown says

    Your words touched me deeply, on both a human and emotional level. Surely change will come from the courage and inner fire of young people like you. I hope sincerely that your generation rises from the ashes of previous ones and builds a world closer to a utopia.

  2. What a powerful poem. I can feel your emotions as i read this poem. I can clearly see this poem is about social justice and it voices the harsh reality of the social injustices we see in America. I would like to see a better definition of “our community” in line 4 of the third paragraph. Defining your community communicates the willingness to not be silent of those who are being oppressed by the American society. By doing this, it really helps those people who cannot see where lives in your community are not currently “mattering”. I know the lives in your community matter, and I want everyone to hear their voices, your voice.

  3. Dear Shannon,
    I like how you reflected on current events within the world in this piece. Writing poetry is a wonderful way to express yourself and the change you wish to make in this world. Know that I am reading this poem and reflecting on the world because of you.
    This poem read like a story, or a cry for help. I liked the part about trying to find responsibility for the hatred in this world. Violence and heartbreak occur on a daily basis. It is our jobs to do our part and speak up to enact the change we wish to see.
    Please continue your work and I hope to read more in the future.
    For now, continue to use your voice, and I will continue to use mine.


  4. Alec McElyea says

    Shannon, I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits. After reading your poem “No More Silence” it was quite apparent to me that this poem is very deep and moving for you and I can feel that when I read it. Your second stanza that you wrote was probably the portion of the poem that I found most moving. The way you used those words to show the reader the feelings that you have is a great talent and you did it very well. In the poem when you said “if no one is willing to step up, where will the change begin.” That sentence made me think of a saying my father would say to me as a child which was “You will never get something done until you start.” That quote to me makes me realize that you do have that power to make a change in your life no matter how big or small. If there is something in life that needs changed then we don’t need to wait for other people to stand up and lead us to that change. I really enjoyed reading your work, and I truly hope that one day you, or another person will lead others to make this change and educate the community. Thank you.

  5. Shannon, your poem “No More Silence,” is really powerful and meaningful. You truly convey so many of the issues with social justice and progress that our country is grappling with at the moment. You masterfully connect your ideas/themes with phrases, such as “violence/silence,” which really resonate and make your message clear. I really liked the line: “So whose responsibility it is, to be responsible?”. So many people are not afforded the “promised dream,” and you are quick to point out this hypocrisy. -Caity, Washington, D.C.

  6. Ann C. Darling says

    I was glad to hear about the newly created important position…and to be able to meet you on line…this new outreach sounds to be So So Important….and in so many ways!
    I’ve read “No More Silence” many times. Each time I read it I see more significance in it and in certain phrases. The last sentence is so true.
    I’m going to end with two quotes from one of my most highly esteemed writers and poet: Mark Nepo. He’s written several books. This quote comes from “drinking from the river of life”.
    A day after I read the recently submitted Free Minds poetry I picked up this book just to scan and re-read….and my oh my!! I opened up to a chapter that is so relevant to having just read your all’s poetry. I’m going to send this book to DC management so that it can be previewed. The subtitle is “the life of expression”. He shares so very much of his golden insight in the subject of expression.
    The chief function of art in all its forms is to marry what is with what can be. By voicing the truth of things as they are while enlivening our better angels, art helps us live.
    And he quotes other authors: Not everything that is faced can be changed, nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin

  7. Abigail Cross says

    This is an excellent poem that sends out a great message. I could also tell that you’re passionate about what you’re writing about. That is what makes beautiful poetry.

    The world deserves to hear what you have to say. Keep writing!

  8. Helina VanBibber says

    This is such a deep and inspiring poem. Never stop speaking up for what is right.

  9. Krystal Ramos says

    I think is beautifully written and I see and understand exactly what you are saying. People need to stop throwing their responsibility on to the next accept it for themselves. Change starts with ourselves. Once we ignite the change in ourselves we can unite with other to make an even bigger difference.

  10. Shannon, these themes are so important to talk about, and you write about them so skillfully. I can tell how much it has affected you by the emotion that comes through in your words. I like the recurring use of the phrase “no more silence” to hammer in what you want to change. I also kept coming back to the powerful lines, “To reverse a maddening cycle of gentrification, of generations/Who look just like me and you, who they look up to and emulate.” Thank you for writing this! Best, Maya

  11. Kendall Whitman says

    My favorite part of the poem was the line no more silence. I like how it is repeated throughout the poem to show the importance of it. This is very deep and should be known across the country to always use your voice.

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