My Story


Just two months ago my mom passed away
My girl moved on, now I’m feeling like Tom Hanks in Cast Away
Knives was just at my throat and I didn’t fight them
Dudes just robbed me because my shirt not tucked in my boxers and I don’t say, “Slim,” like them
My daughter only 11, sending me pictures with her hand on her hip
My son just turned 13, thinking about a hand on a clip
But don’t get me wrong, my baby mama a great mother
Besides these last 10 years, her and my best friend been sleeping with each other
I just called home from the (shu), my brother denied 8 calls
But when I was home selling drugs, he never denied 8 balls
Dudes been talking about me because of my situations
And even though I was in pain, I never once asked the nurse for medication
And when everybody was complaining, I still didn’t complain
Some went crazy and I still maintained
And when everybody was crying, I cried inside
Now I understand when Jadakiss said, “Why?”
I picked up a Qur’an, now I see what I didn’t use to see
And as I sit back and listen to a lot of these dudes, they remind me of who I used to be
But you know what hurts the most is when you gotta tell a story
About the people you love doing you wrong
The same family, friends, girls, so-called loyal ones
Posting on Facebook and Instagram, “Free me to come home”

P.S. God created men weak and it’s the trials and tribulations we go through that make us strong. We have to have responsibilities, and if you don’t have that, you’re not a man yet. See I thought I was a man also when I was buying cars, jewelry, blowing money, and having any woman I wanted. See I was a boy not understanding life because none of that stuff made me strong. None. If most of us died today, we won’t even have insurance on ourselves. See we desire the wrong things in life. Please, please change. A wise man always told me, “If you can’t change the people around you, then change the people around you.”


  1. Melissa Forbes says

    Thank you for sharing something so personal. It’s difficult to be vulnerable, and it takes a strong person to do so. Your work is very emotionally driven, and your feelings of betrayal and loneliness are vividly clear. I thoroughly enjoyed your post script at the end and I hope that you can find peace in your struggles and find others who will truly be supportive and on your side. You are worth it.

    PS: I hadn’t heard anyone reference Jadakiss in a LONG time, and it totally brought me back and made me smile.

  2. TD,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. It tell such a sad story, but it is aslo so powerful. Your writing skills are amazing and I love the rhythm of the piece. Also, thank you for giving such an important life lesson in your post script. Keep up the fantastic writing. -Patrick

  3. TD,

    Your poem is great and the message that you wish to share with others is truly awesome. I love your poem and I think everyone has their own story that makes them who they are. All the difficulties we go through change us and allows us to learn about ourselves and the world around us. Keep on expressing yourself through poems and write what you wish to share and educate others about. Thank you.

  4. TD,

    Your writing is powerful, and I hope that you can continue to find expression through writing your words. I can also imagine your poetry in a song, and I wonder if you have ever put your words to music.

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