Loving with Free Minds


When I let my mind wander
There’s no telling where I will go
From loving you on the beaches
To loving you in the snow
But I‘m loving you all the time
It’s imperative that you know!

You’ve been loving me through this jail
In your letters your love shows
But our loving’s becoming stale
And I’m hoping that we can grow

So just let your mind wander
In remembrance of me
With thoughts of what we were
And what we still can be
I’m hoping that you remain
The same until I’m free
And able to turn all those aspirations
Into reality

Then we can look back on these days and wonder
How our life would be
If we didn’t let our minds wander


  1. what an absolutely gorgeous message in this poem. I love your word choices and the rhyming. The feelings are expressed so clearly and eloquently. Especially these lines:
    “but our loving’s become stale/ and I’m hoping that we can grow/ so just let your mind wander/ in remembrance of me.” It must be very difficult to try to maintain a relationship in such compromising circumstances, but what a special people to find a way to stay in touch and in love “through this jail.” It is so insightful of you to understand how and why the “loving’s becoming stale” and a creative solution to try to still grow by remaining connected over distance, and focusing on a bright future – realizing that the key to staying in love is to always be growing in that love. Your poem has so much positivity and hope, a strong faith in the enduring power of love that you have with this person. your poem is an important example of the enduring power of love, and is an inspiration to others. thank you for sharing your writing, please keep writing more! – Emily

  2. Reblogged this on EmaBee's Art and commented:
    Here is another great poem written by incarcerated youth in Washington, DC who participate in the Free Minds Poetry Workshop. I found this poem positive, hopeful, and inspiring because of the writer’s faith in the enduring power of love….. check it out and consider making a comment that will be shared with the author!

  3. Wonderful.

  4. Ed Jones says

    I was really intrigued by the place wandering has in your poem. Usually we don’t think of letting the mind wander as a positive activity, but you’re really making that claim, which is kind of cool. I’m just confused by the last stanza, since I can’t figure out why you and your partner would want to look back on these days and ponder what your life would have been like WITHOUT mind-wandering. Presumably, the wandering mind has led to the affirmation of your relationship, and saved it. In that case, why would you want to consider the negative outcome that would happen through NOT wandering? One final thought: the tone of the line “But our loving’s becoming stale” could seem a bit harsh. I wonder about something like “But so our love does not grow stale…” Still, I think this poem is really playful–a stark contrast to the background of the jail.

  5. Reblogged this on Wildersoul and commented:
    Stunning poem. CM is part of the Free Minds Poetry Workshop, this poem describes not only a world viewed from behind physical barriers, but also translates well into those spiritual barriers any of us can face, which challenge our capacity for love… May we all refresh our love for each other… and remember….

    Thank you for this one CM! My heart goes out to you, and yours.


  6. Just a note: So far, there are 3 votes, and 9 other ‘Likes’ before mine. I joined Twitter recently. This poem has been tweeted to my twitter followers. And reblogged to my blog followers. Keep it up CM, and all of your fellow poets in the Free Minds Poetry Workshop.

  7. Mbachur Mbenga says

    This is a great poem.
    I love your passionate descriptions and how your words flow so freely.
    I definitely could connect to the imagery, and I appreciate your positive mindset.


  8. CM, This is really a lovely poem, and I love how you worked “Free Minds” into the title and how pervasive it is in the narrative. Minds wandering freely, roaming about to keep promises and prepare for the future…I think this poem is quite beautiful. I appreciate how you took a less-than-ideal situation and turned it into something really special- that´s not always easy to do.

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