Exceeded Doubt


When they said I couldn’t, I did…

When they said I wasn’t enough, I became more than what they expected…

When they said it was over, I told them this is just the beginning…

When they told me I had potential, I showed them absolute greatness…

Just when they started to believe, I was already years into believing in myself…

Because they expectations never mattered enough to stop my dreams from becoming the very reality I’ve created…

So when they ask how you done it, smile and tell “them” that’s for you to know, and for them to find out.


  1. I loved this! Personally I can relate to a similar situation I have had plenty of times when those who tell you, you cannot, makes me even more motivated to accomplish dreams even further.

  2. This poem is an inspiring take on not being able to be put down by others. This poem highlights being put down by others and not letting it effect you and I think thats a powerful message.

  3. MR,
    Great job on this poem!
    This is an inspirational poem. Right from the beginning you start by saying:
    “When they said I couldn’t, I did…”
    Then you go on by saying:
    “When they said it was over, I told them this is just the beginning…”
    I like how the feeling of a challenge is something that motivates you.

  4. This poem is so inspiring and powerful! The repetition of “When they…, I…” really shows the contrast between what other’s opinions are and how they can or cannot affect you. People can say you can do or are capable of something but it does not directly correlate to what you can truly do or what you are absolutely capable of. Your poem shows true growth and confidence, and it was absolutely inspiring.

  5. This was awesome and put a smile to my face!
    Truly inspiring and you have the right idea approaching this funny thing called life. I love the counter statement on every line. Not only is this poem about perseverance. The style it is written in shows that!
    Great Job


  6. MR, this is a wonderful, inspiring poem about resilience. I love your words about creating your own reality. Great job and thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Kenya Lewis says

    Often, we limit our opportunities due to fear and the fears of others. I always believed myself to be courageous, until I let fear stop me from achieving things I wanted so badly. It took me almost 21 years to realize the only thing that can get between myself and my goals was ME. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  8. MR, I love how this poem is extremely inspirational to those who may be struggling with doubts they may have put on themselves or doubts that others have laid on them. Great job!

  9. Dear MR,

    I love how you have overcome others’ expectations. This is so inspiring and hopeful. I have experienced feeling both held back, put down, but also motivated by others’ opinions of me; this poem is relatable to many people. I really like how in your last line, you empower people to push themselves to find out what it is like to surpass expectations and believe in themselves. I like your repetition of “when they,” it emphasizes your message and it is powerful. Thank you for this motivating poem!

    Best wishes,

  10. This is an inspiring poem and something I think would be beneficial to a lot of people in life to read. It is awesome you have proved people wrong when they told you you couldn’t do something. Similarly, In my life, when people tell me I can’t do something, it is that that gives me motivation to succeed more. Please keep proving people wrong. Please keep writing.

  11. Awesome poem, MR! “When they said it was over, I told them this is just the beginning…Just when they started to believe, I was already years into believing in myself…” These lines especially stood out to me, highlighting the power of believing in yourself even in the face of adversity. Never give up and never give in!

  12. This poem is so powerful and amazing! It shows courage, strength, and a little bit of mystery and the very end of it. The poem is amazing and interesting. Never stop writing!

  13. This poem is inspiring and shows that you should never doubt others. I really enjoyed reading this poem. Please continue to write more in the future.

  14. MR, well done. I love that even with the simplicity of this poem, the message conveyed is so deep. It is so important to believe in yourself even when no one else does; it is even more important to continue to believe in yourself when other people start to see you are worth more than they expected.

  15. Wow, this was very inspiring and I think I needed to hear this. You conveyed your message very powerfully and I loved the anaphora/repetition. Thank you for sharing this was great!

  16. This poem is so inspiring and powerful!The moment you choose to believe in yourself is the moment you have access to al the great things for your life.

  17. I relate to this poem so much. People have told me I wasn’t good enough and underestimated me but I have learnt how to not listen to them and focus on myself. This poem reminded me of all the times I proved someone wrong and it is such an empowering feeling. This is such a beautiful poem and great reminder to persevere despite what other people say. Follow your own heart and become the best version of yourself. Thank you spreading this message 🙂

  18. This poem is very good!! It has so much confidence in it and it shows your strong will! Keep up the good writing and do not stop believing in yourself!

  19. I love this! This is so beast. I love the confidence in this piece and just the self-love. I need to print this and keep it as a reminder, reflecting on all that I have done, yeah. Let ’em know! Great work.

  20. Belen Rodriguez says

    MR, This poem is motivating and uplifting. It conveys a sense of self-resilience and celebrating the fire within us. It is a powerful message to oneself and serves as a reminder, that everyone all the odds may be against, we are capable of anything. The poem shatters all negative ideas and is welcoming blessings. It can be relatable to our current situation and wanting to see these accomplishments. I am happy that you are confident and happy for your successes. The adversities were faced head on and came stronger, wonderful!

  21. This poem was very inspiring and relatable to me. I think its so important to have this type of mindset. If you do not believe in yourself no one else will. Keep this same energy. Good work.

  22. I loved this poem! It is very inspiring and has a powerful message that I think can help many people!!

  23. Sabryn Ferchichi says


    The impact and influence that this poem gave me was mesmerizing!! I love the repetition of “When they said..” it emphasizes the power these lines have and makes the reader want to know exactly what’s happening. I love the hope and strength from this as well.

  24. I love this poem, it is truly so inspiring!! It is so important to believe in yourself, especially when no one else does and I am so happy to see that you have done this! Thank you for sharing, and great job!

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