Change in the Air

 By IS

 I can feel a change in the air
 A change that isn’t fair
 Taking something that I love so much
 My pride and my honor that can never be touched 
 Change could be a good thing
 Or change could be tough
 It can leave you wondering
 Wondering if it’s enough
 Are you changing for yourself
 Or changing for someone else?
 Never will I change to impress
 But sometimes change happens for the best
 Changing your mindset in order to progress


  1. Andre' Gregory says

    I believe that to even consider change at the least is progression. Being stuck in a certain frame of mind for so long can have a person one track minded. I like this poem because I can relate to change and what it means to me.

  2. Gary
    Accept your change for the best and allow it to make you a better person as a whole and stay focus..

  3. I reckon change is hard! I like your last line, how it links change of mindset with progress. I found that change for the better is the best, and it is still hard, no matter what!

    [I ‘liked’ this and gave it a five star rating!] 🙂

  4. [Just to note there were seven other bloggers who ‘liked’ this before me!]

  5. Mbachur Mbenga says

    Change is hard!
    But you what the best part about change is? Being about it. When a person changes for the better, everything plays out positively for them. Keep up the good work.


  6. Andre Williams says

    IS, I appreciate your poem. It is great that you would like to change as an individual in order to have a brighter future. Continue to grow and change.

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