I Got Up


If you see a man down, do you assume that he fell?
If the burning in his eyes is there, which story does it tell?
If he is on his knees, is this a sign of submission?
Or was he once on his back, and rose to this position?

If you see him dropping his head, staring at the ground
Did he quit? Or is he looking for a new way to get around?
If you see that he is in tears, and he is letting them run
Do you assume that he lost, or that he has won?

Is he giving up or getting up?
Is he content with the notion of slumber
With no real inclination of waking up?
Could you give him a sec, could you wait?
To watch him fall, and then rise to be great?

For his struggle, though long and imperfect
Built him up from nothing
So it was worth it
From laying to sitting, from sitting to kneeling
To now almost standing – his resolve, so willing!

To be standing on his own, is his burning desire
It’s what drives him, like passion filled fires
To put his head up high, and his chest popped out
And not many can say, they know what “getting up” is about

Valuable Lessons


I’m not going to be in this position forever.
I’m going to pull through this for sure.
Nothing lasts forever, life is a roller coaster ride.
Just as sure as you go up, you can bet you’ll come down.
All you can do is strap on your seat belt and prepare for the ride. Read More

Words of Wisdom

By JG 

If I knew then what I know now, the things of the material world wouldn’t have had so much allure over me. I would’ve understood and appreciated the value of education, because I would’ve known that true education is the means by which individuals cultivate themselves mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  Read More

A Mind of My Own

By MC and DJ

I’m walkin’ down this road lost and alone
But 1 day I know Ima be a king with a throne
Miles and miles later I’ll find my way home
As I walk down this road I realized this road is long
I’m tired of being a puppet, I have a mind of my own
I want to shine bright as a star
I want a big house and a fast car Read More

Why Do We Breathe


Have you ever thought,
Why do we breathe?
And how when people get to be old
They have to leave
I always wanted to know,
How did everyone come to be?
How, who, and why did they choose me?
Some people say our breath is a blessing
But me, I think of it as a special lesson
Why do we breathe?
Someone, please let me know
Before I have to leave
I think I’ll be fine
If I just believe