Welcome to the Fort


Let me tell you about a place I know
Filled with broken dreams and lost hope
A place if visited within your dreams
Would turn nightmarish by thoughts provoked

A place created many years ago
When a father was taken from the only child he knew
Now he’s stuck in memories as time goes on
Trapped in a world where thoughts never move

A place you need to see in order to believe
Filled with desperate cries and dreamy screams
A city where angels turn dark and cold
Now demons plundering for the hope of lost souls

A place where children are stripped of their youth
Left alone with no direction and confused
As time ticks forward, away from their past
They run backwards towards a time they never had

A fortress built to captivate souls
Whose burden on society was way overbearing
Within it, worlds residing in a timeless space
Humanity has chosen to ignore

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