We Are All Kin


You are our sons and daughters
Whether we birth you into this world or not

That’s what the elders would say to the babies
While telling ancient stories around the village cooking pot

Our ancestors, when I close my eyes, I see and talk with them
Praying when I reach the promised land I’m worthy to walk with them

Never forget where you come from
The blood that runs through your veins

Beware, the white man will try to make you believe we are different
When genetically we are all the same

You must know the truth to free yourselves
Don’t be fooled by the pale man’s old divide and conquer game

Go research your history books
Uncover the lies they’ve been telling you
And when you find out the truth for yourself
You’ll realize the jewels I’ve dropped on you are true

Use your mind!
Stand up and be counted Black man
No one will do it for you
Only the man looking back at you in the mirror can

They hear the war cries (fear of the Black Planet)
The white man’s greatest nightmare has come

All the beautiful shades of Blackness once separated by lies
Now united by truth, marching as one

I said it before and I’ll say it again
Once we take the mental blindfold off our third eye
That’s the moment we will realize
We are all kin


  1. Judy Mandel says

    Beautifully written and important.

  2. I know this aims more directly at the history of Black Americans (and/or Black people in general regardless of nationality), but it really spoke to me in regards to all victimized races under white colonizers–like Native Americans. I loved your specific active imagery like “go research your history books,” “war cries,” and “marching as one.” Although historically there have been movements to increase awareness and accessibility of non-white-washed American history. I read an article about how ridiculous it is to make Native Americans today pay to take classes to learn about their own history when it is institutions run by white people who have essentially imprisoned that information. With Black history too, I definitely didn’t learn about events like the Tulsa Riots/massacre or specific events of even the Civil Rights movement (aside from Rosa Parks and MLK Jr) until I went and researched it as an adult. This is all to say that I really appreciated the meaning behind your poem!

  3. I love this poem. It is very true; we are the base of the world and there is so much hatred from white supremacists and just people in general. They don’t see that like you said, we are all the same. We all bleed if we’re cut or bruise when we fall. As different as we are, we are as alike as it gets and we are kin! Awesome poem!

  4. Kendall Whitman says

    My favorite part of the poem is never forget where you came from. I think this shows how important it is to live by your true morals in life and to always express your real feelings to find peace.

  5. QS, thank you for this poem! I love the message and how much empowerment, connection, and passion come through when I read it. The first two stanzas: “You are our sons and daughters/
    Whether we birth you into this world or not/That’s what the elders would say to the babies/
    While telling ancient stories around the village cooking pot” conjures such a strong image and really drew me into what you had to say. All the best, Maya

  6. Hayley A Bolar says

    This was amazing, you are so talented.

  7. This poem is so beautifully written! It holds so much power and truth. I particularly loved those last three lines, “Once we take the mental blindfold off our third eye
    That’s the moment we will realize
    We are all kin”
    It is an intense, yet undoubtedly true statement on the world’s current conditions right now.

  8. I think that this poem is extremely important, especially in the times that we are living in. It is very true that there are many people who want people to be divided because of race, and this is absolutely unacceptable. We must all be able to remember where we came from, and we must respect and celebrate where others came from as well. I absolutely loved the image of the metal blindfold; it was a very powerful message that shows how our understanding of others can be clouded or foggy.

  9. This poem carries such an important message for not only the black community, but for everyone right now in the United States. We need to unify instead of lettings things like politics divide us so we can all fight for equality for everyone who lives here. This was so beautifully written and you are talented and inspiring. You truly have a gift!

  10. Jordan Williams says

    The poem was greatly wrote and it gave a life lesson in through it and tells us to not change for nobody and to never forget where you come from and how you were brought up.

  11. Jordan Williams says

    It teaches us a life lesson about how not to change and don’t forget where you have came from

  12. Emmalee B. says

    I love this so much. It is so true and important!!!

  13. Hey QS, in the time and age we live in today, embracing who you really are is one of the most important things we can teach people. I love the positivity and pride your poem exhibits. I live in a very southern community that is instinctively hurtful towards the African-American community, so reading your poem inspires me to want to teach and unite the people around me in order to show that we are in fact all kin. Thank you for inspiring me; much love, Jonas.

  14. This was a very interesting poem to read, a quote that really stood out to me was the “uncover the lies they’ve been telling you.” The reason I was interested about this is that usually in a basic school education the atrocities committed by the past generations of white men are washed and sugar coated. Once more people realize the real crimes committed towards minorities the more likely it is that we can all stand up together and call for justice, and make our voices be heard.

  15. Dear QS,

    Thank you for this beautiful poem. I love the point of view you use, talking directly to your audience to encourage and empower them. It is like you are a voice of wisdom intending to inspire and teach younger members of your community. The imagery you use is lovely — I am thinking of the lines referencing elders speaking to their babies when sharing stories around the village cooking pot. It highlights the deep history of the Black people, before they were oppressed by white supremacy. I think this is relatable for not just Black people, but all people of color who have been historically marginalized and looked down upon by White people in America. I do like that you emphasize how genetically, we are all the same — though this false division between ethnicities exists, it should not, and we must strive for compassion and unity. This poem is very deep and insightful and I am grateful to have read it!

    Best wishes,

  16. QS,

    Man oh man, was this powerful! I was getting chills as I read. I love the Black pride that this poem ensues. I also loved how you embraced and spoke to the unity that all of us as humans have, regardless of our race or ethnicity. Thank you for expressing your emotions in such a beautiful and humbling way. I hope you keep writing more poems like these.

    I especially loved these lines: “Beware, the white man will try to make you believe we are different
    When genetically we are all the same // You must know the truth to free yourselves
    Don’t be fooled by the pale man’s old divide and conquer game”. It is true that when we know the truth of who we are, that is what will set us free.


    Samantha S.

  17. I really appreciate this poem. I enjoyed the spirituality of the poem and the references to ancestors. I believe that innate in all humans is a desire to be accepted by people who paved the way for us. I hear this in your poetry.

  18. QS, I really appreciated the message that this poem brings about the importance of black lives. It is important for everyone to know and understand that the lives of these Americans are important regardless of the race.

  19. Hi QS,

    Wonderful poem. This poem resonated with me in particular because I am a young black man. The imagery in this poem was amazing. It felt as if I could hear my ancestors in every word written. I am inspired and I think this poem will and can inspire the human race. My favorite part of the poem is reminding everyone that by removing the mental blindfold from our third eye, that will transcend us as one.

    Thank you for your words!

  20. kassidilenae says


    Thank you for sharing this with us! I love how you encourage people to know our history and use our words and actions to be seen. There is power in wisdom and in knowing yourself. I love how you end the poeam with “we are all kin.” Keep writing!


  21. This poem is written beautifully. I would not change a single thing. I like how through out this poem you made sure to not hold anything back. This was moving and very well written. Keep up the good work!

  22. I love this poem. I recently saw “Hamilton” on TV and I felt like I was hearing one of raps from that show. Fantastic marriage of words and music! Time to write “Prison” the musical! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  23. QS, I love this poem. Great writing and I can tell it was written from the heart. Keep writing poems like this. You are very talented!

  24. Hi QS — this is amazing, I got goosebumps halfway through reading! I can hear your passion and I love the message of this poem, that we truly are all kin. Now more than ever it is so important to stand with and support one another, especially communities that have traditionally been marginalized. Unity is a powerful thing that we can use to enact change and uplift everyone else around us.

  25. I truly enjoyed this poem. It shines a light on the issue of white supremacy and the white-washing of history that is done in the world. There is important history and culture that should never be forgotten or erased but at the core we are all human.

  26. “All the beautiful shades of Blackness once separated by lies
    Now united by truth, marching as one” This line was my favorite, I loved how the author showed love for the different shades of blackness and also wrote how they are separated by lies and now they are united by truth and marching as one. Please continue writing in the future.

  27. “No one will do it for you, only the man looking back the mirror can”. We often forget the importance of believing in our roots, where we came from, our history, our people, ourselves. This poem is a good reminder that we still have control of everything; we still are in charge. The only thing that is needed for this realization as you said is removing the blindfold. I really appreciated your poem and the message behind it.

  28. QS, this poem is so important. I love your straightforward speech and honestly we need more of this in our lives. So many people look at the world through a filter, paying attention and discriminating against skin color and gender, when they could instead be opening their arms to everybody around them. We are genetically 99% the same and yet so much of the world today is based off minute differences. The line, “Use your mind!” is so important. Your entire poem forces the reader to actually think instead of letting someone else make a decision for them, and it’s amazing.

  29. QS, I love this poem and your imagery that you create! I felt like I was next to you as you were telling a story. There are two lines that especially struck me: “Stand up and be counted Black man” and “All the beautiful shades of Blackness once separated by lies/ Now united by truth, marching as one.” These lines are so powerful—they are a call to action. Overall, I really enjoyed this poem and the message that you share with us. I can’t wait to read more!

  30. This poem had very strong imagery and storytelling aspects to it, making it a cohesive and powerful piece. The beginning imagery of ancient stories and a village cooking pot really drew me in, and the requests for the reader to “Use your mind!” and “Go research your history books” kept me interested. As another commenters wrote, I think this poem could really speak to anyone who has been affected by white colonization in this country, no matter when. I like the idea of “We are all kin” and therefore all feel, relate, and should treat one another fairly, but sometimes I think this obscures the differences that need to be recognized. For example, in feminism, white feminists have often tried to discredit the works of black or POC feminists by saying to the effect of “we are all one big team fighting the patriarchy together!” when in reality, that’s only partly true because Black women occupy a very specific place and experience that white women will never, even if both groups ultimately identify as women. Just something to think about in this context. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Thank you for sharing this poem! It truly makes me reflect upon the pertinent role of my elders in the shaping of who I am today. We are truly stronger together, and that can only be accomplished if we eliminate all forms of division. I also appreciate your call for people to go research and learn more about history, keep writing!

  32. QS! That was awesome! I like the call to action you had throughout the poem, challenging the reader to see through the lies of history, and couldn’t agree more! There’s too much misinformation, or sugarcoating in education to get a real view on what happened historically. It’s frustrating sometimes, and I like the strength of self and identity you push during your poem. It’s good to see someone being so vocal and out there still, because the problems you reference aren’t dealt with effectively in our society today (in my opinion at least). Keep up the good work with the poetry QS!

  33. This is a wonderful and gripping poem QS! It is aimed towards Black people, and references so many parts of their history especially in America—but I love how it really speaks to EVERYONE. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re different, don’t be fooled into fighting, because together you are strong and the “white man’s greatest nightmare.” Don’t forget that unity is stronger than division, and that love and truth will always persevere over hate and deception. And realize WHY they try and divide you; realize WHY they are so bent on deceiving you. Thank you for sharing this poem with us 🙂

  34. I love the message you are conveying through your poem. I absolutely love the line
    “Beware, the white man will try to make you believe we are different
    When genetically we are all the same”
    We are truly genetically the same and we as people are more similar than we are different. It is so important that we start celebrating our differences rather than letting them divide us.

  35. Uva Dasari says

    Hi QS! This is an amazing poem and I really enjoyed how empowering I felt after reading it and understanding your perspective. The lines “All the beautiful shades of Blackness once separated by lies
    Now united by truth, marching as one” really caught my eye. Definitely powerful.

  36. QS,

    The way you weave in the the strong bonds of your community and simultaneously expose the lies that have threatened these bonds is so empowering. I wish that everyone in America and even the world could read this. Please keep writing!

  37. QS, I really felt your poem on a deep level. Your words convey the passion and strong convictions behind what you are saying and it truly pulls people in. I loved the line you wrote “only the man looking back at you in the mirror can”; as much as we want people to see the truth, we ourselves need to be able to stand up and speak out against injustice and teach it to others. This was beautifully, soulfully written.

  38. Avantika Bhaduri says

    Hi QS,

    Thank you so much for writing this poem! I loved how you illustrated the past and the present. The phrase. “the mental blindfold of our third eye” is such a powerful image and stood out. The lines that touched me the most was, “Our ancestors, when I close my eyes, I see and talk with them/Praying when I reach the promised land I’m worthy to walk with them”. I wonder that too. I wonder if my ancestors will be proud of what I am doing right now or if there is more I could do. Does making myself a better person ultimately help others or is it it for my own self-satisfaction? Are my goals that I want to achieve for myself or for others? The lines are blurry sometimes, but remembering our roots, our family, and where we started offer a light of clarity and a sturdy foundation.

    I hope you keep writing and sharing your poetry with the world! I’ll look forward to it 🙂

  39. QS,
    This poem is so important. I really liked the lines, “Our ancestors, when I close my eyes, I see and talk with them Praying when I reach the promised land I’m worthy to walk with them.” It related back to your title and the main emphasis that we are all one. When you say “Use your mind!” with the exclamation point it shows a good shift in the poem as you call your readers to action. The poem really challenges your audience to break from the social constructs that separate us and demand more. This is a fantastic piece, keep writing!

  40. What I love most about your poem is your resilience and empowerment to the people. You wholeheartedly acknowledge the harsh reality of the world we live in today but push for perseverance and unity.

  41. Brittani Forman says

    Hey QC!

    Wow! Just wow! I am a black woman and when I say I am moved by this poem, I AM MOVED! This poem is truly beautiful and powerful. We must come together as black kings and queens and realize we are royalty. We are brothers and sisters and we must stay together. I love this poem omg words just can not explain. Please keep writing.

  42. Dear QS,

    Thank you for sharing this poem! I enjoyed and related to the message of unity and the metaphor of that message as “jewels” that you’ve given the reader. That definitely conveys the value of the message you’re sharing, because it’s true– the dominant stories that have been told about different groups of people aren’t accurate when you really look into them. I loved the message that pursuing this knowledge leads to the conclusion of unity, and I couldn’t agree more. I hope you continue to write and share that message of unity.


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