Trust is something that is given first time around
Break then it’s time to build up from the ground
Trust is two people standing back to back
Knowing that no matter what they’re protected
Trust is giving someone your heart on a plate
And believing they will not stab you with a knife
Trust is a treasure chest filled with diamonds
And you’re hoping that no one will take them

Trust is a relationship with another human
Believing that they won’t hurt you on purpose
Trust is a business owner and you have employees
That you’re believing won’t steal from you
Trust is believing that the government has your best interest at heart
Trust is believing that God will never leave or forsake you
Trust is believing that you will get treated with respect
And trust is believing that you can do what is right
In the sight of man and God


  1. Loie Mead says

    I find myself wanting to read and re-read this powerful poetry. Your experience shines through it all and encourages me toward ever greater trustworthiness.

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  3. Mbachur Mbenga says

    Hey JW,
    I read this a good three times because it was that real.
    The REALNESS in this poem is what makes me appreciate it so much.
    I love “Trust is giving someone your heart on a plate…..And believing they will not stab you with a knife”. Just envisioning the imagery behind that is just great.
    Keep up the good work!


  4. Andre Williams says

    JW, I enjoy your strong sense of what trust means to you. How has trust impacted you as an individual or the people who you surround yourself with.

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