Tears of Hope


Dedicated to Free Minds Volunteers

Poetry bleeding from my instrument
Staining my canvas for years
Generosity pouring from my peers
Transforming my hope into tears

It seems like it was just yesterday
When I realized this wonderful gift
Ever since I opened my present
My life has taken a shift

When your desire for something is strong
The manifestation will come to pass
Uncontrollable emotions
As you say to yourself, “At last”!

Cursed since my incarceration
now blessed and highly favored
Indebted to a Free Mind
This taste will forever be savored

After a finished masterpiece
I step back and stare in awe
All thanks and glory to god
For a talent I never foresaw

Eager to encourage the world
I humbled myself with joy
With passion to strengthen the weak
Into a fortress no one can destroy

It’s hard to express with words
But thank you for giving me hope
My tears describe my emotion
As a brilliant kaleidoscope

Thank You

by R.D.

This poem is for all who help people like me

For all who care about Free Minds

People who sit there and do things

Even if they don’t have time

I want you to know the things you’ve been doing

Is helping change over time.

Even if it don’t feel like it

I’m letting you know

The gratitude I have for you

I will never let go

So all who help Free Minds

Help me and others

We want to thank you

Your help left a dent that is forever.