People think that accomplishing something

Is nothing to them

But to me

Accomplishing or achieving something

Means a lot to me

Cuz I was the dumb one

Of all the kids my mom had

But when I accomplish something

I feel proud

My Journey

By V.M.

Day and night is to be

Successful and to succeed

I came up and came down

When it was all said and done

I was rumbling pound to pound

In my darkest nightmare

Something I ask for

An really got what I wanted

But it was not being successful

It was being the person inside

Of me what I was not trying

Fight on them streets because

I was scared of what the

World would say that was around me

It was tearing me apart

From my family and tryna be successful.

Now it’s a fed travel plan that goes from prison to prison

South Carolina, Kentucky, Colorado, California

An where does it stop

It never stops, we all have plenty of opportunity

To get back up and be successful and succeed.