My Life Is Like…


My life is like a chair with no legs
Or equal to a body with no head
Crying baby just wants to be fed
Go ahead, Slim, and jump off that edge
Ever tried walking on raw eggs?
It’s like living in your bedroom with no bed
Or waking up and your whole family is dead
That’s the moment we all dread
You didn’t care when you was serving that basehead
Just think about your life and what really lies ahead

I Know Pain


I know pain like the back of my hand
I’ve felt it on my skin like wind from a fan
I’ve cradled it like a baby and rocked it to sleep
Spilled it all over my clothes and all over my sheets Read More

In This Game


Just a youngin’ in this game
Livin’ life was a struggle
In this skool every day
Getting knowledge was my hustle
Was trying to be a geek
Wasn’t trying to be a dummy,
I was trying to get dis money
And moms always said
You gotta strive to be successful
So I did what I did
‘Cuz I was tired of living stressful
I was tired of being broke
And I was tired being hungry
And living in this world,
The only way was getting money

Too Much


I’m young and I done too much

I’m like ridin’ a dirt bike with a clutch

I’m stressin’ a little too much

I wanna touch down soon

And just sit on my front steps

And look at the moon

I’m too much to handle

I might as well sit down

And light a candle



Drowning not from water but from thought.

Can’t stop thinking, can’t stop from deep thought.

Sometimes I think too hard and make the situation worse

Sometimes I think so much,

the thing I started thinking about I forget what it is.

Like I can be thinking about bananas, but can be talking about my ears.

Trying to stay on subject but I’m thinking too much

 So this poem I will leave incomplete,

But really…who cares!