Home Sweet Home, Right?


I thought after Medgar Evers, there’d be no more fear

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after Emmett Till, we shook up the world

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after Fannie Lou Hamer, we were done being sick and tired

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after Eric Garner, we would breathe a breath for relief

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after “Bloody Sunday,” Brother John woke up America

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after Dr. King, there’d be a “Table of Brother-Hood” in a nation
whose people are colorblind

In her home she knew was safe!

I thought after Aretha Franklin, falling in love with ourselves just as we are … is natural

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after Dorothy Heights, greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplishes
But by the opposition he or she has to overcome to reach his or her goals

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after Sean Bell, before 1 bullet would be sent at least 4 or 9 words would be spoken

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after Philando …Damn.

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after?

I thought after?

And that’s the problem!
How many more “Again?” until it ends?
Under our flag we are created equal
How many more “I thought after’s” until
Respect is giving to our flag?
We are killing our own people?
While wearing the flag
Our flag is a symbol of security
Stop killing our people!
Respect the flag, because

In her home she knew she was safe.

God Help America


I dedicated this to another American, Atatiana Jefferson, who was unarmed and killed in her home by a rookie police officer. Again?  

Off Course


The slave ship that doesn’t move
Nor never ever set sail
Motionless is it rooted
To the earth with no course

The middle passage of the mind
The children of slaves, no matter how
Many generations removed, are still
Slaves, when the mental chains
Are enforced with illusions of inclusion
Lebron James

Chow lines long and cold, economic foes
The mental sharks fed off of
The mental courses of dead and dying
Cattle dressed in Prada along
Middle Passage route,
On course to make a profit off of
Cargo of Black Gold
Lebron James

In dreams vividly, am I eaten alive
As I sink, thrown overboard
In chains and padlocks as if I am
Going to court on course to make a
Profit for the slave ship that sails
No more.

On the stock exchange
Black gold, Lebron James,
Are shiny Black bodies still
In ball and chains
Thanks to a clause in the 13th
Amendment: still are we
Cattle when duly convicted
Of a crime

On course to make a profit
Of course on this slave ship
That don’t sail no more
Called, not Jesus,
But the
Prison Industrial Complex

In the belly of this complex
Beast I’ve set for over 30 years
Longer than the life expectancy
Of my ancestors who thrown
Overboard, on the middle passage,
In the Atlantic Ocean into the
Cold waves, off course
Wasted profit
Of course.



They say racism is dead,
But every day I have a target on my head.
Why, when they define the color black or
Brown, they align it with dirty.
But they connect the color white with pretty.
Tell me how is the younger generation ‘pose
To survive,
When the one who are suppose to protect them
Are taking their lives (police)
Tell me, how can they believe in religion,
When they’re raping, and murdering the same
Women who gave birth to the future children.
Every day they say we aren’t a country to cause
Then we literally kidnapping kids from their
Mother’s arms.
How can this be the land of the free, and the
Home of the brave,
When they’re using the prison system as a
Modern day slave trade to get paid
What happen to the Dream of Dr. King,
Of every race coming together and
Connecting like a ring.



The number is
I’m offended by
Co-defendant of
Convicted by
Let me hip you to
Mass incarceration
Across the nation
In 1865
We was granted
Slavery was abolished
According to my
I learned this while in
They it the
Black man’s
The issues that’s at hand
Enslaving the black man
They freed the black man
Then issued their
Back plan
That was
Abolished slavery unless
That’s their scheme
I know my opposition
No 40 acres
No mule
No home
No pot to piss in
No justice
Just cuff us up
And f*** us
Go in front of the judge
No liberty
“Just us”
Throw away the key
Then thrown into a cell
We pray
To a white Jesus
To free us
From white hell
13 amendment
Truly offended
They strategically reinstated
The same s*** that they

Jim Crow


A Nation divided by frustration.
From racism, slipknots in a noose
Resulting in Asphyxiation.
Just from looking…at a woman that’s Caucasian.

I now know that liberty for all is a fraud,
And the symmetry dividing a friend and enemy
Is the line between the grave of a slave
And a “white” man’s ideology.

Like biology, I learned to dissect through
The flesh of a frog’s false reality,
That it can live in freedom
In protection of nature.

But like me
(Emmett Till)
He’s captured
For a tortuous experiment
Caused by hatred.

It’s like my soul feels
The vibrations
Of a tortured slave’s scream,
Begging for liberation.

Losing patience….
So I’m pacing….
In my cell praying
To God for blessings.

But my fundamental nature
is God’s essence.
So everyday I wake up
I’m in God’s presence.

This is God’s lesson.
If John 10:34 is true
Then I’m a vessel
For the miracle of God’s message.