A Message to the Community: A Letter from Prison


I offer my condolences to the families who have lost loved ones
And became victims to the violence

I offer my apologies for having been derelict in my duty and responsibility as a man
In not being the guardian, educator, and leader my communities needed
In order to be vital and life-affirming

I want to inform you that it is my goal to counteract the insanity of the destructive mindset
And I do not embrace those who prey upon any people
But particularly, my people

I want my voice to be heard:
Let the violence, drug dealing, physical, and spiritual abuse of the communities stop

As a man, I want it to be known that I have come to value and recognize
That the children need and deserve a safe and secure environment in which to grow and develop,
Be educated, have access to equal opportunities to excel,
And become who the Creator intended them to be

I ask that everyone reading or hearing this looks at a child
Whether at home, school, at play, in church, or mosque, and consider these words:

I am the African child

The whole world awaits my coming, all the earth watches with interest
To see what I shall become
Civilization hangs in the balance; for what I am, the world of tomorrow will be

I am the African child

You have brought me into this, about which I know nothing
You hold in your hand my destiny
You determine whether I shall succeed or fail
Give me, I beg you, a world where I can walk tall and proud
Train me, as is your duty unto me
To love myself, and my people
And to build and maintain a great nation
It is I who proclaim

I am the African child

The whole world awaits my coming, I shall not delay it
For I too have a dream

Live or Die Hard (Bury Me With Stripes On My Heart)


If I am still living past 30
I beat the battle of the system we live by
If I don’t make it
I am going 2 die hard 4 trying
Every day we fight 4 freedom of speech
Or something important in our life today
So I am going 2 stand up 4 what’s right
And what I believe is right
Now and in the future
I just want 2 live free
With no stress in the world
If I can’t live in peace
Then bury me with stripes
On my heart and soul 4 life
When somebody look me up
At least they can say
He didn’t go 4 nothing
While he was alive