Home Sweet Home, Right?


I thought after Medgar Evers, there’d be no more fear

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after Emmett Till, we shook up the world

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after Fannie Lou Hamer, we were done being sick and tired

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after Eric Garner, we would breathe a breath for relief

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after “Bloody Sunday,” Brother John woke up America

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after Dr. King, there’d be a “Table of Brother-Hood” in a nation
whose people are colorblind

In her home she knew was safe!

I thought after Aretha Franklin, falling in love with ourselves just as we are … is natural

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after Dorothy Heights, greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplishes
But by the opposition he or she has to overcome to reach his or her goals

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after Sean Bell, before 1 bullet would be sent at least 4 or 9 words would be spoken

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after Philando …Damn.

In her home she knew she was safe!

I thought after?

I thought after?

And that’s the problem!
How many more “Again?” until it ends?
Under our flag we are created equal
How many more “I thought after’s” until
Respect is giving to our flag?
We are killing our own people?
While wearing the flag
Our flag is a symbol of security
Stop killing our people!
Respect the flag, because

In her home she knew she was safe.

God Help America


I dedicated this to another American, Atatiana Jefferson, who was unarmed and killed in her home by a rookie police officer. Again?  

The Whole Truth


A great man ain’t always the interpreter of great things
For he is imperfect in the eyes of those selfishly unwilling to make change
Yet life offers up all the free-will and right to pave the way
To those who follow our footsteps ambitiously and humbly at a patient pace
The foundation of my struggles is what made me critically elevate my hustle
To bag up a success plan and distribute it to a positive future that outwits the Devil
Move along Blackman is what the oppressor says
I hate you n****** is the message hidden in what he can’t and will not say
Because he fears our strength and envies our cultural essence
We are the original people enslaved by manipulation and God’s divine glory of blessings
So first time it’s shame on you and second time it’s shame on me
Why is it that the same crime my oppressor commits always seem to get blamed on me
We living in a world where misconception is held in high regards of truth
I guess that’s why when they say “Freeze, put your hands up”
It motivates them to “Shoot”

My Struggle


They lock us in these cages
And throw away the key
Say it ain’t no hope for me
I was only sixteen
When they gave me eighteen
Man if they really really knew
All of the s*** we go through
Maybe they’ll provide a better way
And lil bruh still be here today
These streets is unsafe
Or do they really even care
That this s*** is unfair,
We living in the slums, so you better not run
Cause they’ll shoot you in your back
And justify your death
Say I took away his breath
‘Cause I thought he had a gun
And wasn’t nothing in your hand
Now do you see what I’m saying?
History keep on showing us
That America don’t accept us
But don’t listen to lil ole me
Just watch and see
Trump about to show you
That this ain’t that land of the free
Nor the home of the brave
Money, lies and graves is what this country really about
And how it was made…



Positively speaking, you put a face on the black American life.
Instilling courage inside every black man and every black woman, worldwide.
A battered culture, we had been oppressed without a voice for so long.
We were taught not to believe in ourselves.
You took a chance at your dreams, when a black president was so far-fetched.
When the threats poured in, and the racial tension was too thick to hide.
You stood tall, with complete confidence in yourself and in our race
and most important, our nation.
I’m proud to call you my brother of color,
and I was, and still am proud to call you our first black American president.
Your actions have showed the youth what a strong black man is and what we all can strive to be.
Lodged in the heart of D.C. you freed the voiceless
and you gave hope to the poverty stricken people without health care.
You visited the land of the colored humans
and gave the great help and hope that our people need.
You sat and spent time with the elderly people of color, who laid the foundation before you.
When young black lives were being haunted and destroyed by crooked police,
you stood in front of the world and said black lives matter.
When young black boys continued to be shot down,
you held the people responsible for it and continued to seek justice.
You visited the victims of family and gave them a renewed strength.
I can’t name everything you have done.
For our country, or the black community.
But I can say that you touched or changed so many lives
and we truly appreciate your movement and fearlessness.

Police Terrorism


Installing fear and terror in the minds and hearts
Of mothers and little children
Fearing one day they’ll get the call
That their son or father has become a murder victim
It’s a shame, who knows if this will stop
Being young and black in Amerikkka
My thoughts are, “Will I get slain by a cop?”
Police brutality
Has evolved into mass police terrorism
This is the harsh reality
Look at the times in which we’re living
Police getting away with murder
Never having to see a day in prison
It’s everywhere for the world to see
Via the Internet and television
So many hearts and homes are broken
With the terror of breaking news
Police abusing their authority
How many lives must we lose???
For several generations
Countless lives have been taken by the hands of the police
Police terrorism will cease
Once love overcomes hate
And then maybe we’ll find peace
Until then, it’s Just Us
Looking and fighting for Justice…….