When I Heard the Bad News

By D.T.

When I heard my man got kill

Something like brother

I ain’t believe when I hear

Man I couldn’t think straight.

The hurt I felt

I cry tears in a bucket

when I heard that s***


By D.H.


I’m confined within a place

Where there’s no such thing as right

The days are always dark and gloomy

Like there’s no such thing as light

Respect does not exist

And violence is a must

Friends become your enemy

There is no one you can trust

Thieves, murderers

And some of the worst people to ever exist

I have witnessed beatings, stabbings

And other things that I’ll never forget

I’m confined within a place

Where silence is considered a threat

Manners do not exist

So you must watch where you step

The tension is always high

So it’s important to stay on guard

The only way to pass time

Is by playing basketball or cards

Getting on the phone can be very dangerous

Especially if you are next

Being distracted in such a hostile environment

Will be something you regret

I’m confined within a place

Where all hope is lost

Depression becomes inevitable

And my tears continuously fall

Is this place really hell?

It’s kind of hard to decide

This is something I must endure

As long as I’m confined

Life Story

By A.R.


How do I start my life story?

Should I start when I popped out my Mother in 1994

or do I start on the day when my Father walked out the door

maybe I’ll start on the playground

where ears were covered to block  out the sound of gun sound

where a body could be found where I play

and police harass me and friends all day

writin’ my life in poetry is hard if you have nowhere

to start

Wait I can start….

When I slept with the bathroom light on

because I was scared of the dark

or even when I got beat up in the park

because I wouldn’t share my chalk

or how I was laughed at in school

because I wore shoes with no socks-

Sometimes, how do I write poetry bout my life?

When half the time I don’t know if where me and my family

Goin’ sleep at night

or was I going to be alive the following night

and make it to sunlight.

Okay, hold on, I got it get ready to take notes

starting at 10-

when I seen crack addicts sleep in the hallway

high off the drugs they smoked the previous day

when teachers in school called me dumb-

because of my test grades

So How do I start my life story?

When I can start from so many places

So, you pick like your favorite food on a menu

until then my life story is to be continued….


Pain is what I feel, pain is the water
Being released from my eyes as I write
Pain, pain is my mother’s motivation to keep believing
I can change which I’m doin’
Pain, pain is the wrongful stir in my soul
That changes rethinking
Pain, pain is my anger
To be more, to be stronger, to be smarter
Pain, pain, is blood sweat tears, love, lust, envy
Pain, pain, is what must come to grow, to learn, to build
Pain, pain is all I’ve been feeling since
That day

(As I rise so will the pain)