I was a young man on a confused journey.
Lost inside my own world.
Misled to a path that never existed.
A child in the streets who grew up to be a man with no vision
and no presence.
Outside, my world appeared bright,
but inside my heart was full of pouring rain.
The only love I ever knew was the streets.
Until it divorced me,
leaving me all alone.
I became a victim in my own savage game.
Untamed, until I was forced into locks and chains.
But never will I cry.

Everyday is now a blessing.
By losing, a winner I became.
It took me a long time to see it when all
I had to do was just open my eyes.



I’ve walked down many roads
But this one has to be the longest
The mellow cool breeze and the beautiful sky
With the peaceful sound of birds chirping is the calmest
Feeling at an all time high
Relaxed and relieved of stress
Now that I’m renewed and clear
I can truly say I’m blessed
Now I feel bold and confident
Because I overcame my fears
I used to feel expectant and challenged
Because of the pressure of my peers
I no longer feel like that lost little boy
I was scared and so alone
Now I am a man
Brave and anxious to right my wrongs
The road used to be a million miles long
Now it’s a joyful walk
On my short journey home
I hated myself for a long time
Feeling bitter and scorn
Now I’m open-hearted
And my insides are cozy and warm
I love feeling empowered and satisfied
Now that I’m reborn


By DJ 

What is Life?
Life is like a thousand memories
Countless thoughts and endless dreams
Early morning, ocean breeze, river flow and shallow streams

What is Life?
There’s 1 God, people worship many
Life is full of hate, crime, jealousy, and envy
Sometimes life is joyful, sometimes life is stressing
Sometimes life is a curse, sometimes life is a blessing

What is Life?
Life is a journey to fulfill a purpose
Life is an open show that has closed curtains
Life may be short for some and long for others
But life is not for Brothers killing brothers

What is Life?
We Live, we Die, we smile, we cry
We mope, we whine, we waste valuable time

My Road to Happiness


My road to happiness don’t look like Southeast Good Hope*
Where you see friends noddin’ off good dope

My road look like a spot where it couldn’t snow
I’m talkin’ Caribbean, Bahamas
No killings, no drama
No stress, no sorrow
All answers, no problems
Don’t think you not gonna encounter a roadblock
Yeah, them low-life friends hangin’ on your old block
They wanna hang with you, drink with you
Smoke wit’cha, joke wit’cha
Why? Because they don’t have no hope in ya

So you stay away from them
Stay astray from them
They gon’be the reason you gon’ get a flat tire
You spoke the truth, now you seen as a fat liar
So if you wanna keep riding on the road to happiness
Keep straight
But don’t take the shortcut
Because you could be headin’ towards death.

*Good Hope Road is in a Southeast section of DC-a poor and violent neighborhood of the city